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Prep Your Deck for The Holidays!

Winter in Virginia is a beautiful sight but can be daunting for the average homeowner. You have to clean out your gutters and prepare your driveway for the harsh winter conditions. Between snowstorms, heavy rain fall, and rough winds, you have plenty to think about before the holidays! 

With all the holiday shopping and other household maintenance, it’s easy to forget about your deck. That’s why we’re here to remind you to prepare your deck for Virginia’s winter conditions. Here’s a quick guide on how to prepare and protect your deck for the season. 

How to protect your deck from Winter in Virginia.

There are several ways you can protect your deck from the harsh weather conditions that come with the season. Prevent damage to your deck from snow and ice with these winter deck protection suggestions provided by Distinctive Deck Designs. 

Clean Up the Surface

Before doing anything else, clean your deck and make sure it’s free of any debris. Remove any fallen leaves or dirt with a good sweep to ensure that you have a nice, clear surface. Use a pressure washer to get a nice deep clean for optimal deck maintenance.  

Pressure washing and removing debris from your deck before the winter months helps to avoid damage from mildew, mold, and algae. So, get your wood deck ready for winter and spruce up the deck surface before moving onto the next steps. 

Stain & Seal Your Deck

Apply deck stain to bring your wooden deck back to life before the winter weather arrives. This will prevent damage from natural elements like UV rays. Staining a deck is a yearly task that takes time and energy but helps reduce damage overall. 

Finish the job with a sealer to protect your lovely deck from water damage. Sealant offers protection from rain and snow due to its waterproof construction. Stain and sealer will help maintain your deck through the winter months and avoid repairs in the Spring. 

Cover Your Deck

Even after cleaning, staining, and sealing, you might still worry about the amount of snow you’ll be shoveling off your deck. The best way to protect your deck from harsh weather conditions is by covering your deck. You can cover your deck with a tarp and help avoid your boards from warping or ice building underneath.  

Install a Winter Canopy

Find a winter canopy or deck cover installation service to protect your deck from the season. Doing this will help prevent snow, rain, and other harsh winter conditions from building up debris on your deck’s surface. Installing a winter canopy will let you spend less time on deck maintenance like staining and power washing. 

You can also build a three season room to prevent the buildup of snow and other elements on your deck. The experts at Distinctive Deck Designs specialize in building three seasons rooms and sunrooms that can withstand Virginia’s winters. 

Store Your Furniture

After prepping your deck and making sure it’s winterized, remember to cover or store your outdoor furniture for the season. Leaving your furniture out during heavy rainfall and snowstorms will cause rust, warping, and other irreparable damage. Store your furniture in a nice, dry area so you have one less thing to worry about come Spring. 

Skip the Maintenance with Composite Decking

Another great idea to completely avoid the maintenance of wood decking, is to use composite decking. The deck builders at Distinctive Deck Designs offer top quality composite decking products from Trex, Techo-Block and more.  

Composite decking is a great synthetic alternative for your home in Virginia to avoid water damage and yearly maintenance. Trex composite decking has the elegant look of wood without splintering or warping. These features, along with many others, make composite decking the ideal product for your outdoor seating area. 

Distinctive Deck Designs offers a large portfolio of amazing custom deck designs in Virginia made with composite decking. Call the experts at Distinctive Deck Designs to find out how composite decking can improve your Virginian deck.