6 Unique Ways to Use a Three Season Room in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia homes with an enclosed porch or three season room have a huge advantage during spring, summer and fall months. This type of space is convenient and provides extended living space to a home for many months of the year. The only disadvantage is that many are built without insulation or heating vents. Once outdoor temperatures start dipping, these spaces are too cold to entertain in, but there are ways to maximize use during the other three seasons.

Host Easter Dinner with Extended Dining Space

Convert your sunroom space into an extended dining area for those family gatherings you love to host on Easter weekend. Your friends and family will have ample space while enjoying Easter dinner. You also have the plenty of natural light as an economical bonus! If it is still chilly, use insulated glass inserts to help keep the cold air out. If weather permits, remove the glass or open the windows and allow the gentle wind to pass through the screens.

Create an Indoor Buffet Table for Labor Day Weekend BBQs

Labor Day is the welcoming weekend to summer. If you are barbecuing for this weekend, you may find yourself fighting flying insects that are attracted to food. Try this option instead. Create a buffet-style setting on a long table in your three season room to limit insect interaction with the food. People can come in to fill up and take their plate outdoors to enjoy backyard games and conversation while eating. Storing food indoors can also help keep cold food from getting too warm in the afternoon sun.

Sit Down and Relax on Lazy Summer Days

Move your loveseat and coffee tables into the sunroom and create a relaxed formal living room or reading nook. Your friends and family will love the option to sit indoors while basking in the sunlight without the pesky insects. Warm up the space in evenings with some candles or an electric fireplace.

Keep the Kids Contained for Rainy Days

Enclosed porches or sunrooms are easily accommodating for those rainy days. Set up your children’s favorite toys or crafts in this room to have a contained space for active play away from your kitchen and living areas. When the doors are closed, this area can also be fairly soundproof, making it perfect for when the kids want to play without disturbing other members of the home.

Burn the Midnight Oil for All-Nighters

When school starts, your kids may need this room as an expanded studying area. Have a portable table and folding chairs handy to allow space for school projects that you don’t want to take up room on the dining table. You may also want to provide low-energy lamps and comfortable chairs for those nighttime study sessions. Don’t forget the blankets for your older children who may fall asleep studying in here.

Give Your Guests More Room for Holidays

Most three season rooms are built right off main living spaces like the kitchen or family rooms. When hosting holiday events, open up this room as an overflow option for comfortable conversation and seating. Turn on your gas or electric-powered fireplace to keep your friends and family cozy in this room. Sunrooms are often not insulated, so if you plan to use this living area well into the winter months, tell your patio contractor. They can make accommodations with insulated panels, windows and other building elements to help keep the heat in and the cold out.

Three season rooms can be used all throughout the year if you plan for it. Talk with our experienced, licensed patio contractors to learn more! We build sunrooms of all sizes and styles to meet your budget and needs. Ask us about our fall construction specials!