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Improve the look of your home with a custom deck from Distinctive Deck Designs

Deck Builders of Northern Virginia

Create your dream outdoor space with the help of professional deck contractors at Distinctive Deck Designs. We specialize in composite deck construction and resurfacing, including custom design services to achieve a beautiful final product.

Our skilled team uses industry-leading installation techniques and top-of-the-line materials, so you know you’ll get a secure deck that will last for years to come. Our goal is to make your deck one of the best-loved areas of your house. 

How Our Deck Building Process Works

We start every project by visiting your home for a completely free, no-obligation consultation to see the space firsthand. It’s important for our deck builders to evaluate the site before we make recommendations about the design or materials.

We also consider how you use your outdoor space. Whether you love to entertain friends and family, or want your own personal retreat to relax, we’ll design the perfect space to accommodate your needs.

We’re happy to provide composite decking samples so you can envision your finished deck. You’ll be able to see and feel the difference that our innovative decking surface makes.

Composite decking offers Fairfax homeowners a long-lasting solution compared to natural wood decks.

Composite materials don’t require as much upkeep as traditional decks, which is great news for busy homeowners. We only trust top-of-the-line composite deck materials from leading companies, including Trex Decking.

These products come in a variety of styles that always provide a safe and durable outdoor space.

Deck Construction
Free Deck Design Consultation

How Long Will it Take to Build My Deck?

Depending on the complexity of your project, construction time will vary. We rely on transparency throughout the construction process, so you always know how your project is progressing.

Distinctive Deck Designs will also seek city or county permits and receive HOA approval on your behalf.

We know home remodeling and construction projects can be intrusive, even if they are outdoors. Our contractors are dedicated to leaving a clean job site after each day. We take our time to ensure our work is held to high standards, from thorough craftsmanship to high-quality materials. We’re sure you’ll absolutely love your new deck after we’re done!

Why Choose Distinctive Deck Designs? 

Our deck builders have set the standard for Northern Virginia outdoor living construction for more than 25 years. Distinctive Deck Designs is known for innovative and inspiring work. View our gallery to see for yourself! We can transform your entire outdoor space beyond the deck. Consider these projects for your Northern Virginia home:

  • Composite Wood Decks: These are outdoor living spaces typically constructed using a combination of wood fibers, plastics, and other materials. Composite decks are known for their durability, low maintenance requirements, and resistance to rot, decay, and insect damage. They offer a natural appearance similar to wood but with added longevity and less susceptibility to weathering.
  • Open and Screened-in Porches: Both open and screened-in porches are extensions of a house, providing a covered outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. Open porches are exposed to the elements and usually feature a roof supported by columns or posts, while screened-in porches have screens enclosing the space, offering protection from bugs and debris while allowing airflow. These spaces often include seating areas, dining sets, and sometimes amenities like ceiling fans or heaters.
  • Under-Deck Patios: Under-deck patios utilize the space beneath an elevated deck, turning it into a functional outdoor living area. This space is often covered with a water-resistant membrane or other materials to protect against rain, allowing homeowners to enjoy the area even during inclement weather. Under-deck patios can be outfitted with seating, outdoor kitchens, or even hot tubs, maximizing the usable space in a backyard.
  • Sunrooms: Sunrooms, also known as solariums or conservatories, are enclosed living spaces attached to the exterior of a house, primarily designed to admit sunlight and provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. These rooms feature large windows or glass walls and are typically insulated for year-round use. Sunrooms can serve as additional living areas, dining rooms, or garden rooms, allowing occupants to enjoy the outdoors while remaining protected from the elements.
  • Gazebos: Gazebos are freestanding outdoor structures with a roof and open sides, often found in gardens, parks, or residential properties. They typically have a hexagonal or octagonal shape and are supported by columns or posts. Gazebos provide a shaded area for relaxation, dining, or hosting gatherings, and they can be equipped with benches, tables, or other seating options.
  • Pergolas: Pergolas are outdoor structures consisting of vertical posts or pillars that support cross-beams and an open lattice roof. They are designed to provide partial shade, define outdoor spaces, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a backyard or garden. Pergolas can be used to support climbing plants such as vines or roses, creating a natural canopy and adding greenery to the space. They are popular for outdoor dining areas, seating arrangements, or as decorative elements in landscaping designs.

We look forward to collaborating with you on an incredible addition to your outdoor space. Let’s begin the creative process of your custom deck design. Schedule your free consultation today!

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