Understanding the Design and Build-Out Process

Here's why people choose Distinctive Deck Designs for their outdoor living project:

Our goal is to design and build exceptional quality structures, both structurally and architecturally, to meet the expectations of our customers. We strive to inform and educate our customers. Our on-site experiences allow us to share this product and knowledge with our customers, which aids them in making the right decisions.

Many contractors quickly provide pricing, and can do so by overpricing or "padding" the margin. They build in excess margin to their jobs to compensate for poor budgeting and planning. While our pricing may at times take longer to determine, our customers can feel confident that their well thought out project with Distinctive Deck Designs will be competitively priced and an enjoyable experience.

Here's what our customers can expect from start to finish when working with us:

Fairfax Deck/Patio Design & Build Process
Free Deck Design Consultation

First Contact with Customer:
We appreciate you considering Distinctive Deck Designs for your outdoor living project.  We welcome our customers to call, email, regular mail or fax any communications to us at anytime.  We are ready to discuss your hopes and desires for adding value and a quality outdoor living experience to your home.

Informative "About Us" Package:
We want you to know about us before we meet, so you can have confidence that you are working with a company that has strength, expertise, establishment, creativity and one with whom you can communicate.  Our About Us Package also includes other essential details about what you can expect when working with Distinctive Deck Designs.

In-Person Design Consultation:
This is a time for us to become acquainted and to discuss the details of the project.

Quick Quote and Sketches:
Our Quick Quote is intended to give an approximate price of your project, from start to finish, based on other projects we've completed with similar design requirements. Because every customer's project is unique and priced individually, a more detailed Final Proposal follows once the full scope of work is determined, customizations are considered and customer approval is obtained.

Customer Approval of Design:
At this stage, customers are assured of our clear understanding of their expectations, then acknowledged and approved.  This is the best time to consider any and all changes to the scope of work.

Presentation and Acceptance of the Detailed Final Proposal:
We provide a very detailed scope of work, fully outlining the construction process and material specifics.  Once our customer accepts the scope of work, the project commences.

Initiation of HOA Approval / Permit Process:
We handle all state and county permit processes and provide much of the needed information for the HOA requirements.

Pre-Production Meeting:
Our pre-production meeting is our opportunity to prepare you for the commencement of the build-out phase. We may make certain instructions or suggestions that will enable better workflow while working on your property.

Final Build-Out:
Our Pride & Joy:  Carpentry Expertise, Technology, Quality Materials and Unsurpassed On-Site Management come together to deliver the completed outdoor living project - your Distinctive Deck Design.

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