Prep Your Deck for The Holidays!

Winter in Virginia is a beautiful sight but can be daunting for the average homeowner. You have to clean out your gutters and prepare your driveway for the harsh winter conditions. Between snowstorms, heavy rain fall, and rough winds, you have plenty to think about before the holidays! 

With all the holiday shopping and other household maintenance, it’s easy to forget about your deck. That’s why we’re here to remind you to prepare your deck for Virginia’s winter conditions. Here’s a quick guide on how to prepare and protect your deck for the season. 

How to protect your deck from Winter in Virginia.

There are several ways you can protect your deck from the harsh weather conditions that come with the season. Prevent damage to your deck from snow and ice with these winter deck protection suggestions provided by Distinctive Deck Designs. 

Clean Up the Surface

Before doing anything else, clean your deck and make sure it’s free of any debris. Remove any fallen leaves or dirt with a good sweep to ensure that you have a nice, clear surface. Use a pressure washer to get a nice deep clean for optimal deck maintenance.  

Pressure washing and removing debris from your deck before the winter months helps to avoid damage from mildew, mold, and algae. So, get your wood deck ready for winter and spruce up the deck surface before moving onto the next steps. 

Stain & Seal Your Deck

Apply deck stain to bring your wooden deck back to life before the winter weather arrives. This will prevent damage from natural elements like UV rays. Staining a deck is a yearly task that takes time and energy but helps reduce damage overall. 

Finish the job with a sealer to protect your lovely deck from water damage. Sealant offers protection from rain and snow due to its waterproof construction. Stain and sealer will help maintain your deck through the winter months and avoid repairs in the Spring. 

Cover Your Deck

Even after cleaning, staining, and sealing, you might still worry about the amount of snow you’ll be shoveling off your deck. The best way to protect your deck from harsh weather conditions is by covering your deck. You can cover your deck with a tarp and help avoid your boards from warping or ice building underneath.  

Install a Winter Canopy

Find a winter canopy or deck cover installation service to protect your deck from the season. Doing this will help prevent snow, rain, and other harsh winter conditions from building up debris on your deck’s surface. Installing a winter canopy will let you spend less time on deck maintenance like staining and power washing. 

You can also build a three season room to prevent the buildup of snow and other elements on your deck. The experts at Distinctive Deck Designs specialize in building three seasons rooms and sunrooms that can withstand Virginia’s winters. 

Store Your Furniture

After prepping your deck and making sure it’s winterized, remember to cover or store your outdoor furniture for the season. Leaving your furniture out during heavy rainfall and snowstorms will cause rust, warping, and other irreparable damage. Store your furniture in a nice, dry area so you have one less thing to worry about come Spring. 

Skip the Maintenance with Composite Decking

Another great idea to completely avoid the maintenance of wood decking, is to use composite decking. The deck builders at Distinctive Deck Designs offer top quality composite decking products from Trex, Techo-Block and more.  

Composite decking is a great synthetic alternative for your home in Virginia to avoid water damage and yearly maintenance. Trex composite decking has the elegant look of wood without splintering or warping. These features, along with many others, make composite decking the ideal product for your outdoor seating area. 

Distinctive Deck Designs offers a large portfolio of amazing custom deck designs in Virginia made with composite decking. Call the experts at Distinctive Deck Designs to find out how composite decking can improve your Virginian deck. 

Covered living area deck designs.

Comparing Covered Living Areas – Which One is For You?

Outdoor living areas serve so many purposes for you and your family. Distinctive Deck Designs outdoor living areas provide an oasis of relaxation, a barrier to weather, and a perfect spot for entertaining. Our deck contractors will work with you to create a unique covered patio, gazebo, three-season sunroom, or other structure that is ideal for your specific landscape. Covered living areas have become a sought-after feature among homebuyers and will greatly increase the value of your house. Many homeowners also find that after adding a covered, exterior structure to their backyard, they enjoy the outdoors more frequently during the year. The question that remains is, what covered living area will suit your outdoor space best? Our deck builders are ready to install the perfect structure for you and your family!

Three-season sunrooms

Nothing adds value to a home like a three-season sunroom. Natural light and nature come in, space is added and time for family life seems to follow. Our sunrooms are built for year-round living and provide the ideal place to host meals, parties, or small family gatherings, whatever the weather. In the colder months, maintaining an air of cheerfulness within your home is difficult. Place a sunroom in your Fairfax house and get your regular dose of vitamin D without the windchill! Our sunroom contractors will install a sunroom that fits perfectly into the existing architecture of your home.

Covered patio designs

A protected patio will allow you to relax in your outdoor area without being directly exposed to the sun. Distinctive Deck Designs offers covered patio designs that are guaranteed to add beauty and value to your home. Covered patios act as the perfect gathering place to spend time with family and friends, enjoy the beautiful North Virginia sunsets, and have meals without thinking about the weather. Not to mention, the furniture on your patio will always be shielded from sunlight or rain, which can harm the different materials.


Gazebos are among our most popular items at Distinctive Deck Designs. The gazebo installation instantly elevates the look and feel of your outdoor area. Our gazebo designs are incredibly inviting and will create a welcoming and intimate space to spend quality time with family, friends, or by yourself with a good book and warm tea! If you are looking for a charming design element to complete your backyard, a gazebo is for you. Our deck builders will work with you to bring the gazebo of your dreams to life.

Which outdoor living stood out to you the most? Visit our website to see all of our options and  Contact Distinctive Deck Designs today to get started on your new living space!

Decking designs in Northern Virginia

Fall in Love with Your Deck Design This Season

Your home should be a representation of your personality. The perfect spot to spend quality time with loved ones, enjoy a spectacular view, entertain, or just relax is a comfortable and inviting backyard area. One way to fall in love with your home is to enhance your outdoor space, whether it be by constructing a new deck or patio or by updating one already in place.

After a long summer, it’s time to revamp your outdoor area. The weather is finally cooling off and spending time in your backyard is becoming more and more attractive. Distinctive Deck Designs offers completely customizable decking designs that are sure to make you fall in love with your backyard area all over again.

Our team knows how to bring your decking design vision to life

We want your deck or patio to be one of your home’s best-loved places. Our professional custom deck designers use a range of techniques, materials, and technology to help you build your dream deck. Our team is there every step of the way to help you visualize your deck’s final look. We offer a free consultation to evaluate the space and discuss your personal needs when it comes to your outdoor area. Our process is extremely professional and invasive. Our end goal is to make your deck usable and beautiful so that family and friends can enjoy it for the upcoming season and all year round!

Choose from the highest-quality materials for your deck

Trex composite decking product samples are available at all initial consultations. From colors to materials, you can select which Trex composite decking is best suited best to you and your home. Trex composite decking lasts longer than conventional wood without the need for extra stains or sealants. Often, no stains mean no need for power washing which, in turn, gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor area! Our Trex decking designers are ready to install the most durable and sturdy deck for your backyard.

Distinctive Deck Designs offers incredible features for your Trex deck design

We offer deck features that will enhance your outdoor area and complete the space. Consider installing deck lighting for added beauty and safety. Our team also offers outdoor fire pit and fireplace installation to boost the ambiance of your deck and create a natural gathering space for friends and family. Consider adding a covered living area to your backyard design, as well, to act as a barrier to weather and to allow you to increase the livability of your overall Trex deck design.

Let Distinctive Deck Designs transform your outdoor area for the upcoming season and contact us today!

Trex White and brown railing system.

Should You Add a Railing to Your Deck?

It’s important to determine your individual needs when deciding whether or not to add railing to your deck. Our team of expert, Trex® deck designers at Distinctive Deck Designs will analyze your space and provide advice on whether or not a railing system will enhance your custom deck. Our high-quality, Trex® decking products provide both functionally and an elevated aesthetic to your overall design.

Create a visual boundary

Adding railing to your deck design will visually segment your deck from the rest of your outdoor area. If you are choosing to install a multi-level or wrap-around deck, adding railing will establish separation and even create unique spaces within your deck design. Distinctive Deck Design builders will ensure that your railing serves the correct functions as part of your overall vision.

Increase safety

Railings are an important safety feature on a deck. If your deck is tall enough, a railing will be required to ensure the safety of your family. Even if you are considering installing a deck that is lower to the ground, having a railing will decrease the risk of injury and provide a buffer for children and pets.

Receive the best products on the market

Our Trex® decking products are unmatched by any other railing system. Trex® decking is the most popular brand of synthetic, splinter-free deck railing with handrail components. Much like Distinctive Deck Designs itself, Trex® composite decking has been exceeding customer expectations for more than two decades. We feature deck construction with top-of-the-line Trex Transcend®, a state-of-the-art composite decking material, that combines extreme durability with a beautiful wood-grain appearance. Our products also come in a wide variety of colors so that your railing will match the existing aesthetic of your deck design perfectly.

Add beauty to your deck design

The look of a sleek railing as part of a deck is unbeatable. Our products are not only durable and high-quality, but they are also stunning to look at. Our state-of-the-art railing products truly act as an accessory to your overall deck design.

Complete your outdoor space with Trex® decking products today. Contact Distinctive Deck Designs for a free consultation and be one step closer to transforming your backyard!