5 Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Space for Spring

Backyard deck by Virginia Deck Designs

Winter is starting to wrap up in the Northern Virginia area, which means spring will be here in no time. Don’t wait to start planning your custom deck and patio designs. Fairfax residents know that a well-developed outdoor space is perfect for relaxing in the sun or entertaining friends and family. We recommend taking a look at your current backyard layout to determine what works, what doesn’t and what needs a little TLC before the new season starts.

  1. Wear and tear. Next time the ground is clear of snow and slush, take time to examine your most used surfaces, like your composite deck or stone patio. Look for things like dents, cracks or major damages that could have occurred during a winter storm. Thankfully, composite decking is extremely durable and may only need minor repairs from season to season. If you find any issues, contact our contractors for quick repair.
  • High traffic areas. Every year you spend in your home is another year of trialand error when it comes to efficiency. One of the first things you’ll notice isthe state of high-traffic areas used by your family. If you don’t have definedpathways, you could start to see wear on your yard. We recommend adding in astone or paver pathway in these areas to keep your grass alive.
  • Entertainment space. One of life simplest pleasures is enjoying your favorite beverage or classic barbecue cuisine on your patio. Fairfax residents know how to relax, but only if you have the space to do so. We can help you eliminate unused space to maximize every inch. After our initial consultation, we’ll create a custom deck design to incorporate plenty of entertaining space, from outdoor seating to the kitchen of your dreams.
  • Landscaping. One of the best ways to make your backyard feel like home is with live landscaping elements. Some updates are simple, like adding flowers, while others requiremore work, like adding trees, shrubs or planter boxes. Our professionalcontractors can make their best recommendations for creating a landscape designthat doesn’t take away from your home or patio design.
  • Aesthetic updates. The start of a new season is the perfect time to update small, aesthetic items. From seat cushions to outdoor rugs, you can really bring your outdoor living area back to life with a brand new look!

Our experienced Fairfax patio and deck designers know that the structural elements of a home need to harmonize with the natural elements. We can help your family find the perfect balance as your gear up for warmer weather. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Complete Your Backyard with a Fire Pit!

There is nothing better than gathering around a fire with family and friends on chilly nights. Enjoy your outdoor space even more with an aesthetically pleasing, built-in fire element. Distinctive Deck Designs works with homeowners in the Fairfax area to construct custom outdoor fireplaces andfire pits. We use only the best of the best materials and the latestinstallation techniques to create a structurally sound firepit that will completeyour beautiful backyard.

Safety is Our Top Priority

While designing your outdoor fireplace, your safety is our number one priority. We consider the location of existing structures in your yard such as canopies, trees, and overhead lighting. We abide by all of the Fairfax county codes and building ordinances to ensure your backyard fireplace is properly installed and ready to enjoy.  It is always important to monitor open flames, especially around your pets and children.

Pairs Well with Patios

Distinctive Deck Designs’ fire pit installations are versatile and pair well with your patio no matter what type of patio you havein your backyard. They also pair well with other landscape features such asplants, water features, or soft ground lighting. An outdoor fireplaceinstallation customized to your desire will tie your backyard together andcreate a welcoming atmosphere that will be an instant hit for visiting friendsand family.

We Work with You

Our design team will work with you every step of the way to design a custom fire pit that exceeds all expectations. You will have the option to choose from a variety of fire pit materials like cement and stone to give your custom fire pit a distinctive and unique look to it.Whether you prefer to go with a rustic look or upscale glamour, our team cancustomize your fire pit to match your outdoor décor that you already haveoutside.

Distinctive Deck Designs has served the Fairfax, Loudon, and Prince William counties for decades, designing high-quality fire pit installations and making backyards beautiful. If you plan to have family and friends gathering around the fire this spring, now is the time to start planning! Contact us today and we will come to your home for a free design consultation.

New Year, New Deck: Backyard Solutions for 2019

Kick off 2019 by designing your very own deck with northern Virginia’s very own, Distinctive Deck Designs. Winter is the best time to start planning your custom deck design because it allows our team enough time to finish the work so you can fully enjoy having friends and family over for hangouts on the deck this spring. We want the outside of your home to be just as beautiful and functional as the inside.

We Work with You
We want your deck or patio to be one of the best-loved areas of your home, so our skilled custom deck designers use a variety of technique, materials and technology to assist you in drawing up your dream space. All these tools will help you visualize the final look for your brand new or newly-renovated deck. Our end goal throughout this process is to make your deck functional and beautiful so that family and friends can enjoy it year-round.

Free Design Consultation
Every project starts with us visiting your home for free! It is important for our deck builders to evaluate the build site before we make a professional recommendation about the design or materials. This visit helps us work with you to plan everything so we can achieve the ultimate finished look you desire. Our free design consultations allow us to be transparent with all our service offerings. They are just one of the many ways our experts can help you decide what will work best for you!

Many Material Samples to Choose From
All initial consultations come complete with Trex Composite Decking material samples. You will be able to visualize and feel the different materials available. From colors to materials, you will be able to choose which Trex composite decking fits you and your home best. Trex composite decking lasts longer than traditional wood in all types of outdoor and weather conditions without any need for additional stains or sealants. No stains also means no need to power washing, which ultimately gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor space!

Start 2019 off right by doing a customized deck in your backyard. This will allow you to have the luxury of enjoying the Northern Virginia outdoors with family and friends on your deck by the time spring and summer get here. Our owner, Mark Shriner will come out to perform a free consultation. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation on a customized deck!

Why A Screened Porch Will Benefit Your Overall Experience

Do you want to enjoy the luxury of being outside without having to deal with bugs, rain and snow? Distinctive Deck Designs is committed to designing and building finished porch designs in northern Virginia. Our team brings a wealth of experience in the design and installation of screened in porch designs to help you design your dream outdoor living space. Bring your indoors outdoors when you choose to install a screened in porch in your home!

Buzz off Bugs!

No more sharing your dinner with insects anymore. Protect your porch from all intruders and be able to enjoy the fresh northern Virginia air. Nobody likes sharing food. Besides, who wants to have insects and theirfriends at the table during dinner?

A screened porch eliminates the process of having to putbug spray on everyone or burn strong smelling candles. This makes it easy to feel as if you are outside, enjoying nature, even though you are really inside within the protection of your screened porch.

Rain, Rain Go Away

People love to hear the beautiful and soothing sounds of rainfall but actually getting wet is a different story. A screened porch allowsyou to enjoy the luxury of outdoor weather with complete protection from theelements. What is better than enjoying family time outside listening to therain and not have to worry about get soaked?

Anytime it is about to rain, it is a scramble to get out and bring in the cushions or outdoor furniture to prevent it from getting soaked. Screened porches prevent you from having to deal with this hassle.

Get Creative  

Screened-in porches opens the door for northern Virginians to be as creative as they want with the design. It is unlike anyother room in your home, there are no exact rules or themes you have to stickto. There are many styles and themes you can use on a porch. Fortunately, thedécor and furniture are cheap and easy to get creative with.

We offer many different styles and screened porch designs in addition to custom options created exactly to suit your preferences. Thepatio or screened porch you’ve always desired is well within your reach and wewould love to make that upgrade to your home. Contact ustoday to schedule a consultation on designing your dream screen porch.