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A multi-level outdoor deck.

New Years Resolution: Give your Deck a Makeover

The start of a new year means you have the opportunity to start fresh in all aspects of your life. Why not take advantage of new beginnings and create the deck of your dreams for 2020 with Distinctive Deck Designs! Having a functional and beautiful patio area is essential for Fairfax homeowners. Virginia has such stunning greenery and views to enjoy with your friends and family on your deck. Read on to learn about all the customizable features we can incorporate into your design to truly transform your outdoor space.

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Friends having a Thanksgiving dinner outdoors.

How to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner on your Deck

A Thanksgiving dinner hosted outdoors seems more free and festive than an indoor holiday. With the right amount of planning, you can have a delightful meal on your Virginia patio. Fire up the grill to roast some veggies, potatoes, and turkey and break out your fall décor to host a beautiful Thanksgiving in the great outdoors. We’ve put together a guide on how to through a successful and comfortable holiday on your Fairfax deck.

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Beautiful modern terrace lounge with pergola at sunset.

Get the Most Out of Your Deck – All Year Round

A common misconception amongst Northern Virginia homeowners is that the summer months are the only window of time to enjoy their deck. Believe it or not, there are certain design elements to add to an outdoor area that will extend the hours of enjoyment. Distinctive Deck Designs offers services that will make it possible to spend 365 days a year on your deck, comfortably.

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Close up of a table with a veggie kebab and wine glass and bottle.

How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party on Your Deck

Fall is almost here and the best way to welcome the new season is to host a magical dinner on your custom deck. The onset of autumn in Northern Virginia is stunning with colorful leaves just starting to fall and a subtle chill in the air. Why not enjoy the nice weather and beautiful scenery with friends and family around a beautifully set table? We’ve compiled a list of preparation tips, fall-inspired décor, and food recommendations to help you throw the best party possible.


The first step in party prep is cleaning the area you’re going to be hosting in. Hose off your deck to blast away any debris. Once your deck is sparkling, make sure your table and chairs are dusted and polished as well.

Food Prep

A fall menu calls for grilled veggie kababs, fragrant steaks, a bottle of rich, red wine, and a pumpkin pie. Print out a menu for your guests for a charismatic addition. If you have an outdoor kitchen, prepare the food outside so you can be an involved host. Let the aroma of the delicious food you’re whipping up float to your guests while they’re enjoying a glass of wine.


Get creative with your table setting. Lay down a patterned tablecloth and break out your nice cutlery and plates. Make rustic nameplates for a charming touch. Gather some patterned throw pillows and perhaps bring indoor plants outside for added greenery.


Having enough seating for your guests is a must. To skip the stress, make sure there are more than enough options. Feel free to bring your interior furniture outdoors if the weather is permitting and move a small couch to your deck to create a relaxed environment. Use removable cushions for lawn or fold-up chairs without padding to make sure your guests are comfortable all night long.


To create a beautiful ambiance, hang a strand of twinkly lights over the dining area. If you’re looking for more permanent, mood lighting, we offer many options like pathway, patio and deck lights. Outdoor lighting will create a sense of warmth and romance. Not to mention, lighting will allow your guests to enjoy your deck far past sunset.

Host an elegant dinner party to welcome the season on your custom Fairfax deck. Contact us today to receive a free consultation!