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A stone firepit installed in a deck setting.

Installing an Outdoor Fireplace Can Increase the Value of your Home

One of the most popular outdoor design elements is deck fire pits or fireplaces. Even in warm climates, fire pits are proven to increase marketability, especially if they are built-in to your deck design. Nothing beats gathering around the warm glow of the fire and enjoying a starry night with friends and family. Increase the value of your home with a Distinctive Deck Designs, built-in firepit!

Elevate the design of your yard: 

Distinctive Deck Designs is dedicated to installing a fire pit that matches the existing style of your outdoor space perfectly. We work with you to create a fireplace or fire pit that is completely customized and personalized. Our installations are guaranteed to increase the value of your home by pairing well with other landscape features like plants, water structures, and ground lighting.

Create an unbeatable ambiance: 

The warmth and comfort that an outdoor firepit offers are unmatched. Potential buyers will love that your backyard is entertainment ready and includes a unique, desirable feature. The glow of your built-in firepit will exude a luxurious lifestyle and therefore be extremely attractive to homeowners. Fireplaces on decks are an excellent way to create a welcoming atmosphere.

An additional source of light:

Your deck fireplace will be visually appealing and offer a beautiful flicker of colors coming from the blazing logs. Although you can install our deck lighting, the source of light that a firepit provides is unique and offers warmth on chilly, Virginia nights. Add mood lighting with a fire pit or fireplace and generate new energy in your outdoor area.

Don’t stop there! 

Now that you’ve decided to install a Distinctive Deck Designs firepit, surround your new, outdoor feature with elegance. Accentuate the beauty of your glowing fireplace by adding other services we offer to your backyard. Look into installing a covered living space to increase the livability of your space or consider paver stones to create clear navigation through your yard.

It’s hard to beat the ambiance created by a crackling, outdoor firepit. Make sure you install your new feature with a company that promises high-quality construction and design. Contact Distinctive Deck Designs today for a free consultation.

A lit, stone fireplace in a backyard.

Why You’ll Use a Distinctive Deck Designs Fire Pit All Year Long

Most features in your yard are seasonal. Pools see the most use in the summer and standing heaters see the most use during the winter months, naturally. The beautiful thing about installing an outdoor fire pit or fireplace in Fairfax with Distinctive Deck Designs is that your family and friends will get use out of it all year long! Our fire pits are completely customizable to match your existing aesthetic and space perfectly. Whether it’s a warm summer night spent with friends or a chilly fall night spent with a hot cup of cocoa, a fire pit will be just the thing.

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Father and son sitting at a lit, outdoor fireplace.

Install a Firepit with Distinctive Deck Designs for a Cozy Patio

Imagine spending nights stargazing and roasting marshmallows with your family as you watch the fire crackle and pop before your eyes. By installing an outdoor fireplace, your Fairfax home can become the perfect spot for evenings like these. Distinctive Deck Designs offers the best materials to create a custom firepit that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

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wrap around deck in Northern Virginina

Update Your Outdoor Space

Distinctive Deck Designs has the whole package. We can transform your home completely with custom deck construction, but homeowners can take it one step further. The one project that always seems to elevate a yard is adding enhancing, outdoor features. Embellishing your yard is a very personal process so you should work with a company that you trust. We will work with you along the way to provide expertise on creating an atmosphere that feels luxurious, calming and that matches your vision perfectly.

Outdoor Fireplace

The ambiance and warmth a fireplace adds to an outdoor space is unbeatable. Whether you are entertaining or sitting out on your patio, unwinding after a long day by a custom fireplace will be an excellent addition to your Fairfax design. We build high-quality, wood-burning fireplaces of all sizes to complement your backyard décor. Wherever you are in your design process, we will make sure your firepit installation meets your needs.


Our custom walkways will convert your Northern Virginia home to a functional and organized space. We create remarkable stone paths that make your yard easy to navigate and lead to the focal points, like patio seating, cozy fire pits, and fountains. We make sure the new pathway fits your existing aesthetic perfectly by offering a wide selection of materials. Choose from stone pavers, brick, slate or flagstone.


We believe the smallest detail can have the biggest effect. Adding simple lighting to your outdoor space will enhance the beauty and spirit of your home dramatically. Outdoor lighting brings attention to the charming features of your backyard, illuminates pathways and provides a comforting energy and ambiance that will make your guests feel at home.

Safety is another huge benefit to bringing light into your outdoor space. Paved walkways will be visible at night so navigating your yard will be less hazardous. If you are planning on having evening get-togethers, lighting will ensure that your guests are free to roam around and enjoy your entire backyard.

Increase your home’s curb appeal and add an enchanting touch to your yard with our lighting options. We offer everything from deck lighting, patio lighting, outdoor path lighting and much more.


Installing a patio as part of your outdoor project is the best way to make your space more livable. Relaxing and hosting in your yard is close to impossible without a proper patio. Extending your living area will make your home seem bigger and will create a wonderful place for entertaining and spending time with your family. Patio design is also the perfect opportunity to show off your personality by adding personal touches which we will make a reality.

Besides increasing the value of your home, patios are easy to maintain. You will never have to put in extra effort to keep your space clean because our patios are made with the best products available and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Start on your backyard transformation today and contact us for a FREE consultation!