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Two-story white deck with greenery.

5 Signs that Your Deck Needs Replaced Rather than Repaired

Springtime is the perfect time to evaluate the health of your deck. The weather is finally becoming beautiful again and you want to have a functional deck area to spend time on this season. You must be thoroughly inspecting your deck at the beginning of each deck-using season for tell-tale signs of wear and tear. Your deck may simply need sanding or a couple of bolts tightened, but if you become aware of these five red-flags it may be time to contact Distinctive Deck Designs to install a brand-new, quality deck!

Test your railings

If your railing posts feel wobbly or loose when you touch or shake them, this is a sign that your deck may be becoming unstable. Railing posts loosen over time so replacing your deck with Distinctive Deck Designs will help to assure your railing is secure for years to come.

Check for discoloration

Wood decks weather over time, even when they’re built with pressure-treated wood and stained or painted regularly. Stains and discoloration are big signs that you should be looking into replacing your deck. Our products are durable and have incredible staying power. You’ll be investing in materials that will keep their color and finish despite heavy foot traffic and other elements.

See if you can find rot

Even if you can’t spot visual rot, a sagging deck indicates its presence. Rotting wood also becomes susceptible to termite damage, which further weakens its stability. When you examine the deck and regularly find more hardware on the ground—or you replace screws that don’t hold the frame or have the same effective purchase—that’s another indicator that it’s time to replace your deck.

Hire a professional if your deck is older than current regulations

Hire a professional to inspect your deck if it’s more than six years old. Someone with prior knowledge of deck aging properties will know what to look for. Since Virginia has dramatic seasonal changes, those temperatures can dramatically affect your deck’s structure and stability.

After the thorough inspection of your current deck, contact Distinctive Deck Designs to request a free, design consultation! Our team is dedicated to designing a deck that is high-quality and matches the design aesthetic of your current outdoor area.

A close-up of a two-person, outdoor dinner with appetizers and wine glasses.

How to Prepare the Perfect Valentines Dinner on Your Deck

 If you’re planning on spending the night in for Valentine’s Day, serve your dinner outside on your Distinctive Deck Design’s deck! An outdoor setting is exactly what you need to make your holiday special. Even if you’re just planning a meal for friends or family, dinner on your deck will be the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful dinner!

Take advantage of your outdoor area

Since you have a beautiful, fully functional Distinctive Deck Designs deck, setting up a table and chairs for a sunset meal is a great way to make your Valentine’s Day special. Place decorations around your patio and create an outdoorsy display for your table. Take inspiration from rustic table settings and put out a wooden cheese board or include greenery in your design. A tip to creating a luxurious dining experience at home is to create a restaurant-like table spread. Include wine glasses, placemats, and tea lights.

Illuminate the area with outdoor lighting

Switch on your deck lighting to create an ambiance and to prolong the time you can spend outside. Illuminate your Fairfax home well after the sun goes down so you and your partner or group of loved ones can enjoy the beautiful views for as long as you please. Lighting a few candles and placing them around your deck will also be a nice Valentine’s Day touch!

Light your firepit

Your outdoor fireplace will come in handy this Valentine’s Day. After your meal, pull up chairs and enjoy the warm glow of the fire and stargaze. Not only will the fire provide a beautiful element to your night, but it will also serve as your heat source on a cold, Virginia night. Our firepits are completely customizable and built to provide you with comfortability, and beauty.

Plan for future holidays

No matter the holiday, spending it on your Distinctive Deck Designs deck is sure to make your day enjoyable. We provide the best products and services to build you the deck of your dreams. We will work with you to create an extension of your home and to decide on special features like covered living areas, lighting, and pathways.

Have a magical dining experience this Valentine’s Day on your deck. Contact us today to install a beautiful patio space with Distinctive Deck Designs to enjoy your holidays and family get-togethers.

Friends laughing and holding drinks and presents at an outdoor holiday party.

Tips for Holiday Hosting on Your Deck

Hosting during the holidays is a big undertaking, but so rewarding. If you are planning to throw a magical, outdoor party this season, Distinctive Deck Designs has everything you need to get your deck or patio ready. Make sure you set the scene with outdoor lighting, keep your guests warm and toasty with an outdoor fireplace and sheltered from the cold with an outdoor living area.

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Beautiful modern terrace lounge with pergola at sunset.

Get the Most Out of Your Deck – All Year Round

A common misconception amongst Northern Virginia homeowners is that the summer months are the only window of time to enjoy their deck. Believe it or not, there are certain design elements to add to an outdoor area that will extend the hours of enjoyment. Distinctive Deck Designs offers services that will make it possible to spend 365 days a year on your deck, comfortably.

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