Beautiful modern terrace lounge with pergola at sunset.

Get the Most Out of Your Deck – All Year Round

A common misconception amongst Northern Virginia homeowners is that the summer months are the only window of time to enjoy their deck. Believe it or not, there are certain design elements to add to an outdoor area that will extend the hours of enjoyment. Distinctive Deck Designs offers services that will make it possible to spend 365 days a year on your deck, comfortably.

Create a flow

The outdoor and indoor areas of your home should never feel like two different spaces. By bringing elements of your interior design onto your deck, it will feel as if you are simply stepping into another room of your home. This will create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Invest in your furniture

It is worth it to splurge on the furniture for your outdoor area. Most often, higher price points will reflect quality and comfortability. Choosing pieces that will stand up to any weather conditions is crucial to extending the life of your deck. Sturdy, high-quality furniture will last you all-year-round, and then some!

Add color

The best way to want to spend time on your deck is to add a pop of vibrant, happy color. A great way to implement this is to purchase a colorful rug or bright throw pillows. This way, you’ll have a touch of cheeriness on your deck, no matter the season.

Create a barrier to the sun or cold    

Installing a covered living area such as a gazebo will elevate your outdoor living area and make it possible to enjoy your deck well into the year. You won’t have to worry about being blasted by the sun or exposed to the cold. Distinctive Deck Designs offers state-of-the-art covered living areas that are durable, stylish, and perfect for customizing your deck.

Add multiple heat sources

Incorporating a firepit or standing heaters ensures that your and guests will feel warm and cozy all night long, even in the dead of winter. Distinctive Deck Designs offers firepits made from the best materials. Not only will firepits keep your family and friends, nice and toasty, it will also provide a gathering space. There’s nothing like sitting around the fireplace, wrapped in blankets, watching the stars and enjoying each other’s company.

Incorporate lighting

Add extra lighting to brighten up your deck and make it a magical, nostalgic place to hang out. Twinkling lights, lanterns, candles, and imbedded lights are key to spending time on your deck. We offer a plethora of outdoor lighting options for your deck such as patio and path lighting.

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