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7 Ways to Convert Your Under-Deck Spaces

Under deck ceiling panels in Virginia homeMany homes in Northern Virginia have beautifully raised decks that are perfect for entertaining outside. However, the spaces underneath these decks don’t need to go unused. Take advantage of the space with a complete unique under deck design. Under decks are often made for simple drainage purposes, but they can be converted into great outdoor spaces or under deck rooms.

Looking up underneath a deck, you can often see exposed joints. These exposed joints are specifically made to allow moisture from rain, snow, ice, and condensation to drip down so that there will not be any water buildup on the deck itself. Unfortunately, this means that the space underneath the deck will not stay dry.

But, there is a solution for the issue of unattractive exposed joints and deck drainage. Continue reading

Finished Under Deck Conversion with Panels & Canned Lighting

Why You Need to Invest in Under Deck Ceiling Panels & Lighting

Too often in Northern Virginia, raised decks are underutilized. Family gatherings, cookouts and other activities are hosted on the deck itself, while the space underneath the deck is neglected or closed off, limiting all the potential of the home. Convert the area under a second-story deck into a dry, spacious patio and get the most out of your outdoor space. Open up this space to be used as an outdoor breakfast nook, porch or cozy reading area, so you can enjoy even more of your yard.

However, converting the space under a deck into a patio does take some planning and extra effort. Continue reading