A lit, stone fireplace in a backyard.

Why You’ll Use a Distinctive Deck Designs Fire Pit All Year Long

Most features in your yard are seasonal. Pools see the most use in the summer and standing heaters see the most use during the winter months, naturally. The beautiful thing about installing an outdoor fire pit or fireplace in Fairfax with Distinctive Deck Designs is that your family and friends will get use out of it all year long! Our fire pits are completely customizable to match your existing aesthetic and space perfectly. Whether it’s a warm summer night spent with friends or a chilly fall night spent with a hot cup of cocoa, a fire pit will be just the thing.

Fire pits elevate a yard

The charm a fire pit or fireplace adds to a deck is irreplaceable. A lit fire creates a certain ambiance that makes the space feel more homey and warm. Homeowners are always looking for a fire pit when house hunting because of the value it adds to a property. Our fire pits are made with the best materials as well so they will last you for years to come and be a beautiful feature in your outdoor space.

Fire pits create a gathering place

Fireplaces create natural gatherings places for friends and family to spend time together. Pulling up chairs and enjoying the warmth of the fire is an ideal night under any weather condition. There so many activities that you can do around the dazzling glow of a fire. Increase the amount of time you spend in your outdoor space by installing a fire pit in your Fairfax home!

Fire pits are a source of light

Not only do fires create a warm and comforting atmosphere, but they also offer a great source of light for your backyard. Spending time on your deck well after the sun has gone down is made possible by having a lit fire illuminating your space. Distinctive Deck Designs installs outdoor lighting as well to further brighten your patio. Sufficient lighting also increases safety and allows your family and friends to wander around your backyard without the risk of getting injured.

Complete your outdoor space with a fire pit or fireplace that you will enjoy all of 2020. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation design consultation!