Father and son sitting at a lit, outdoor fireplace.

Install a Firepit with Distinctive Deck Designs for a Cozy Patio

Imagine spending nights stargazing and roasting marshmallows with your family as you watch the fire crackle and pop before your eyes. By installing an outdoor fireplace, your Fairfax home can become the perfect spot for evenings like these. Distinctive Deck Designs offers the best materials to create a custom firepit that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Create a focal point 

Having a fire pit in your yard creates a natural gathering place. Host get-togethers in your outdoor space or spend quality time with friends or family. Not only will a firepit serve as the perfect focal point to your yard but it will also add beauty and elegance. A masterfully made fireplace will add value and sophistication to your home’s landscape, making it attractive to potential buyers.

Add natural light

Outdoor lighting in Fairfax is essential. Especially in the colder months when the sun starts to set sooner in Virginia, having a significant source of light on your deck or patio will make your outdoor area more livable and safe. We offer other lighting options for your yard as well that will be helpful as the seasons change!

Gain a heat source 

Firepits radiate a good amount of heat so spending a prolonged amount of time on your deck during the fall or winter is possible. Virginia has stunning winters, don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. Install a firepit and be cozy and comfortable all evening long.

You can use it all year 

Firepits are perfect for any season. The unbeatable ambiance of a firepit’s glow is a beautiful feature to have in your outdoor space no matter the weather. Cozy up with a blanket and hot cup of cocoa during the colder months and host a barbeque in the summer months. The possibilities are truly endless.

Make it custom!

We offer both firepit and fireplace installations. You also can choose between masonry and natural stone material when designing your custom, wood-burning firepit or place. Distinctive Deck Designs is dedicated to installing a fire pit that is safe, stylish, and perfect for your outdoor space.

Help us take your Fairfax home to the next level by scheduling a free consultation. We will design a fire pit that will match the existing aesthetic of your yard and make your patio or deck a beautiful, entertaining ready space.