A multi-level outdoor deck.

New Years Resolution: Give your Deck a Makeover

The start of a new year means you have the opportunity to start fresh in all aspects of your life. Why not take advantage of new beginnings and create the deck of your dreams for 2020 with Distinctive Deck Designs! Having a functional and beautiful patio area is essential for Fairfax homeowners. Virginia has such stunning greenery and views to enjoy with your friends and family on your deck. Read on to learn about all the customizable features we can incorporate into your design to truly transform your outdoor space.

Customize your shape

We start every project by visiting your home for a completely free, no-obligation consultation to see the space firsthand. We want to make sure our design fits your existing space perfectly and hear from you exactly what you want your deck to look like. Choose a one-story deck or opt. for a multi-level deck to give your area dimension.

Customize your lighting

Distinctive Deck Designs has so many options when it comes to outdoor lighting. We can install patio lighting to illuminate the area or we can install a custom fire pit on your paver stone patio. This will not only give off light but also warmth. Fire pits also create a natural gathering place for your friends and family when they come to visit. Lighting will have a dramatic effect on the overall ambiance of your space and allow you to spend time on your deck well after the sun goes down!

Customize your covered living space

A dream deck isn’t complete without a covered living space. Installing a sunroom, gazebo, or covered seating area is a wonderful way to elevate the design of your deck and to provide a spot that won’t be affected by the weather. Covered living areas also act as natural gathering spaces and they create a barrier to the sun, rain, and snow. We offer many different materials and designs so you can find the perfect addition to your deck.

Customize the little details

When we say the entirety of your deck design is customizable, we mean it. Have complete say in the small details like patio walkways and pavers. Choose which material you would like, where you would like them to lead to and how many you think would look nice in your outdoor space. We’ll make your vision a reality by highlighting the focal points of your yard with beautifully laid walkways.

Let’s create your dream deck together so you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation design consultation!