5 Different Details to Include in Portico Porch Designs

No matter where you live in Northern Virginia, a quick way to add character to your home is to include a portico porch. A portico-style porch adds depth to your front façade for a beautiful addition to your curb appeal. It also serves as a shade structure and protection from the elements right outside your front door.

Our portico builders have worked with many homeowners over the past 37 years. We can build all types of porches using a variety of techniques, including custom millwork and outdoor lighting elements. Here are five unique details you can add to your portico porch design to make a beautiful façade. Continue reading

Questions to Ask before Beginning Patio Construction/Renovation

Before working with any contractor inside and outside the home, it’s important to protect yourself. Too often, consumers find themselves at risk of falling victim to rogue contractors who aren’t qualified or those who accept money and skip out on the job. Here are some ways to protect yourself and prevent these scenarios from happening to you. Continue reading

3 Design Factors to Consider Before Building a Deck in Northern VA

Close-up view of Trex Transcend with white railing

Adding a new deck to your Northern Virginia home is exciting, but it takes some consideration. A deck gives you additional outdoor living space and room for your friends and family to congregate. Decks also give you a place for some solitude in nature.

Before you decide to consult with a deck builder, it is important to consider these design factors that apply to all Northern Virginia homes. Continue reading

5 Must-Have Photos of Your For-Sale Home

Northern Virginia patio builders are not just good at building patios, but also know how to sell their designs to potential clients through photography. Taking an exceptional picture of your home and outdoor space, like a Northern Virginia deck, is important when selling it. Pictures really give you the chance to showcase a spot and pique a potential homebuyer’s interest in it.

When doing home photography, it important to use the Continue reading