Providing Shade for Northern Virginia Summer Outdoor Living

Northern Virginia’s beautiful climate allows for outdoor living and recreation throughout the summer months. During the day, however, overexposure to the sun can make uncovered outdoor spaces like decks and patios uncomfortably hot and bright, putting you and your guests at risk for sunburn, eye strain, and skin damage. Thankfully, various options for covered patio and deck construction can keep your outdoor living spaces comfortable all day long.

Pavilions and Other Types of Covered Patios

Pavilion as a shade structure on a deckFor outdoor spaces not attached to the home, pavilions provide excellent shelter from the sun and rain, allowing the space to feel open and connected to the rest of the yard. Pavilions usually provide Continue reading

Three Key Benefits of Trex® Composite Decking

Trex Transcend Deck in Tree House and Vintage Lantern

Installing a deck at your home is a wonderful way to create a space for entertaining guests and enjoying long summer evenings. However, deciding what material to use can be a challenge. While there are advantages and disadvantages with any material, Trex® composite decking is a great choice for homeowners in Fairfax, VA. The following benefits highlight some of the advantages of choosing Trex® composite decking.

1: Fade Resistant

Trex® high-performance composites utilize protective shell technology to resist Continue reading

Ultimate Northern Virginia Deck & Railing Design Guide

When driving through the neighborhood, it’s always fun to look around to see what your neighbors are doing for their landscaping – especially when it comes to deck design. If you’re gathering inspiration for having a deck built for your home, it’s important that you pay close attention to the railing. This component is more than just a safety feature; the type of deck railing you choose can reflect your personality and style. Here is the ultimate deck railing design guide you’ve been looking for, put together by our Northern Virginia deck builders.

A Simple Guide to Deck Components

Before investing in a deck, it’s important to have a general understanding of all the deck pieces. Your deck contractor will ask you many questions to help you establish your ideal finished look, and knowing the terminology can help you make educated decisions. Continue reading

3 Tips to Maximize Tiny Deck/Patio Spaces in Fairfax, VA

small-side-yard-Fairfax-trilevel-homeStop using a lack of space as an excuse for not having a deck or patio built for entertaining purposes. Today, more homes are being built with tiny outdoor spaces, and we have successfully completed deck construction for tiny back and side yards throughout the Fairfax area. Let our deck construction experts show you how we can transform your smaller outdoor spaces.

Tiny Side Yard? Build Upwards

If you feel like your yard lacks depth, but you have a single, two-story or tri-level home, why not build your deck upwards? Continue reading