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Save a Tree, Build a Deck!

Composite decking is not only easier and cheaper to maintain than traditional decks, it is environmentally friendly because it uses only recycled materials to make the product.  Trex, the leading manufacturer in composite decking, believes in creating a treasure from another man’s trash. During the manufacturing process, ZERO trees are cut down to make Trex products.  Saving trees is not the only way Trex remains a steward to our environment.  Every year Trex uses 1.5 BILLION plastic grocery bags to manufacture its products.

How can you help the environment?

Answer: By using an alternative material for your outdoor living project.  Your deck will need to use wood for the framing of your deck, but using composite decking boards can significantly reduce your footprint.  Not only are you saving trees but your are keeping plastic grocery bags out of landfills, ecosystems, and waterways.

Did you know?

In the average 500-square-foot Trex deck there are 140,000 recycled plastic bags!

Composite decking is a sustainable solution to creating your outdoor living area.  To learn more about composite materials for your deck click here for a free deck consultation!