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Choosing the Right Color for Your Deck Design

Late winter is often the time of year new homeowners in Virginia start thinking about building up their outdoor space so it’s ready for a summer of grilling, entertaining, and relaxing in the fresh air and sunshine. A custom built deck in Virginia is often the starting point to creating such an outdoor retreat.

twotoneddeckWith so many options in decking material these days, it can be rather overwhelming to choose. Trex composite decking offers easy maintenance throughout the year, as well as resisting insect infestation or the all too common pain of a splinter.

In addition to eliminating these common issues with traditional wood decking, composite decking comes in such a wide variety of styles and colors it is easy to match the look and feel of your homes’ exterior.

Homes with painted or vinyl siding offer an easy choice: either match the color of the home, or go with a contrasting color to make your deck pop. Trex composite decking even offers the ability of a two-toned deck for a more elegant, striking contrast.

brickhomedeckWith brick homes, finding a color that compliments your brick that can tie the fence, deck and house together can be tricky. Brick is anything but monochromatic! You can choose to highlight a specific color in the brick to make that color pop, or you can choose to match the brick’s mortar for a more subdued look.

When choosing a color for you deck, don’t forget about the other colors used on your house; the trim around windows, colors used on downspouts, and even the roof color! Ideally you want all of these colors to complement each other.

Deck Privacy in Northern Virginia Winter

If you had your Trex deck built in the spring or summer months, you may be noticing some gaps in the overall look of your outdoor space in the dead of winter. With all the bare trees, you may not have as much privacy around your outdoor deck as you originally thought. Never fear! Even in the dead of those northern Virginia winters, there are options for added privacy.

privacy-screen-07Perhaps the most common deck addition for added privacy is an outdoor trellis. A trellis is meant to be a permanent structure and can be made from a variety of materials in a variety of styles. Trellises typically need built-in back support or may lean against or be attached to a supporting wall or fence. A trellis can be made with the same composite decking material as your Trex deck. During the growing months, your trellis can be covered in lovely flowering vines, but still provides a privacy barrier when those plants are no longer blooming during the harsh northern Virginia winters.

With so many options for styles and colors, a trellis made with Trex composite decking materials can be the solution to your privacy problem in the dead of winter

My Super Deck

I have decided that I am going to build a deck on the back of my home. I was born in Texas and as you know, we do everything bigger in Texas.  I wanted to bring that taste of home to my outdoor deck in Virginia by building the biggest deck possible for my house.  Not just because of my location, but I want my friends to be envious.

TrexsuperdeckI just happen to be someone that likes to plan out everything that I want to do, and I mean everything.  From the last board to the last screw, everything has to be planned and perfect.  So my first step was to research as much information that I could on decking and how to build a giant super deck.  As I was researching, I found myself asking certain questions: how do I plan to maintain this deck?  What’s the easiest way to lay out a build plan? How do I get it to match my house?

After looking into a large variety of different plans and products I decided to choose Trex Decking.  I was lucky enough that I had a Trex Pro right near Clifton, VA.  The fact that I want a large deck played a lot into it.  For the size I was wanting, a typical wood deck would not be long enough for what I desired.  There would be too many warped boards and way too many seams.  Plus, it would cost a fortune to stain and maintain it if I did typical wood.  Oh yeah, I was able to get a Trex deck in a color that I loved too.

So, now that I chose my product and made the plan I was very surprised that my Trex Pro was able to stay under budget and give me the perfect deck I wanted.  So, anyone that ever wants to swing by and be in awe of what a Texas sized deck is like, stop on in and see my Super Deck!

Light Up Your Outdoor Space

Most people get good use out of their outdoor deck when the sun is shining, but what about those long summer and winter nights? Enjoy your Trex deck day and night with the right outdoor deck lighting.


With the right outdoor lighting, you can transform your deck space into the perfect nighttime setting whether you’re planning a festive party or desire a romantic getaway right outside your back door. Whatever your needs, you can choose to go the professional route, like Trex® DeckLighting™ or the more budget friendly, DIY method.

Trex® DeckLighting™

Add the ambiance with professional deck lighting from Trex, in four distinct styles: recessed deck lights, stair riser lights, deck rail lights, or post cap lights. Whether you are building a new deck or just revamping an old one, Trex DeckLighting can cover your needs. Low voltage LEDs stay cool to the touch and keeps things green with 75% less energy use than traditional incandescent lighting.

Do-It-Yourself Deck Lighting

Strand-lightingFor those of you with an eye on your budget, fear not! You can still achieve that perfect mood lighting for your nighttime outdoor entertaining. Rope lighting has become increasingly popular for use on outdoor decking. It’s easy to install, and gives a great glow without overpowering the nighttime sky view. Stringing up white Christmas lights or other strand lighting is another way of indirectly lighting your outdoor deck. Strand lighting can also be great for lighting up a patio umbrella, giving your deck that extra festive atmosphere.

Whatever you decide, make sure you use deck lighting to make the most of those northern Virginia nights!