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Winter Doldrums? Start Your New Deck Project Now!

Are you feeling cooped up inside your home this winter, dreaming of the warmer weather days? Are you looking out the windows wishing you had a better space to enjoy the nicer weather? Now is the right time to start thinking about a new deck or replacing your old one.

DeckconstructionDeck builders in Virginia offer better deals during the slow winter months to get a leg up on the busy season. By starting the process of design and building your new deck or replacing your old one now, you’ll be ready to enjoy it at the first sign of the spring thaw.

Start thinking now about what you want out of your outdoor space. Lots of privacy? A great space to entertain friends? A small relaxing spot to enjoy the view? Does your plan include a pool or a hot tub? All of these questions should be answered before you begin the deck building process. In the last few years, composite decking has become very popular for personal home decks in Virginia. The ease of maintenance, resistance to mildew and insects, plus the added bonus of being made of recycled materials, makes composite decking the easy choice for deck materials. A Trex composite deck will last longer than a traditional wood deck, and according to Remodeling magazine’s 2009-10 Cost vs. Value Report, adding a composite deck to your home has a 70 percent return on investment.

daphnesThis is also the perfect time to start thinking about what types of plants and trees you want to complement your new outdoor deck. Keep in mind the growing cycles, you’ll want to choose a variety of plants that will bloom throughout the year. There are event plants that flower in the cold winter months! Varieties of hellebore, jasmine, and daphnes are just a few of the plants that have winter flowers that bloom in northern Virginia’s climate zone.

Having a new deck project to focus on will help keep you occupied and excited until the warmer months are upon us. Think of all the options and choices to make, and happy designing!

Composite Decking in Virginia

The rise in extreme weather conditions across the nation give more reasons to build a new deck or replace an existing deck with composite decking material. The summers get hotter and the winters get colder, but with a Trex composite deck, you can save time on maintenance throughout the year by having a Trex deck.

2011-trade-ad-imageDuring extreme heat in the summer, your Trex composite deck stays undamaged from the hot sun and high temperatures. It’s also resistant to mildew and insect infestation. Which means if you want to enjoy your pool or a sprinkler, the splish splashes won’t harm your deck. While other deck owners are worrying about killer bee infestations or wasp hordes, you can enjoy the time enjoying the summer sunshine from your Trex deck in Virginia.

Likewise, when others are spending weeks in the fall winterizing their decks for the cold Virginia winter snows, you can enjoy those crisp fall days knowing winterizing your Trex deck is as easy as one, two, three! A simple sweep and moving of any planters or furniture that is not winter friendly, and you are good to go. Snow and ice removal is a snap as well. Given that the moisture won’t harm your Trex deck, you can leave snow piled on your deck if you please. If not, a simple sweep for lighter snowfalls or a plastic shovel for heavier snowfalls will do. Rock Salt can be used for icy conditions, just be sure to sweep up the salt once the ice is melted to avoid staining.

Speaking of staining, you can skip that laborious activity as the proud owner of a Trex composite deck. Your deck will last for years without the annual activity of staining a traditional wood deck. Which gives you more time to actually enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful outdoor deck in Virginia!

Deck Design Ideas

Since the perfect time to start a new deck building project is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking of great ideas for the design of your new deck in Virginia. The options are nearly limitless, so start dreaming of your perfect outdoor space to enjoy throughout the year.

Deck-Design-Ideas-106An outdoor deck serves as the transition space between your home indoors and your backyard. Keep this in mind when thinking of your deck design. Perhaps a covered area close to your home would help ease the transition and create an inviting space for entertaining family and friends.

Work with the space you have. If your backyard is sloping, don’t be afraid of a multi-level deck to make the transition from house to yard more gradual. If you have a small space to work with, consider a deck with just a single step or two to make that transition.

Adding a deck to your home creates more space to enjoy, so make it a space that invites people in to enjoy it. Consider the attraction of a main focal point,  a comfortable sitting area, a dining area, a pool or hot tub, even a fire pit for friends and family to gather around on warm summer days or the crisp clear nights of winter in Virginia.

When thinking about your deck design budget, remember that a carefully designed outdoor space can add monetary value to your home as well.

Durable Deck Furniture

You have made the choice to have a custom deck built with Trex composite decking material. You know it is low-maintenance, better for the environment, resistant to insect infestation, and makes winterizing your deck a breeze. You’ve got heating elements like a fire pit or outdoor heater to keep your deck usable even through the winter months, but what of the deck furniture? You need something just as durable as the composite decking itself.

winter-snow-outdoor-furnitureMost deck furniture is designed to withstand the elements to a degree, but some materials are more weather resistant than others. Plastic furniture is great for the budget-conscious, but can lack aesthetic appeal. Some furniture made of strong woods, like teak, are more resistant to rot, water and sun damage. Teak furniture can last up to 50 years, but is high maintenance. A popular choice for outdoor furniture is synthetic wicker. Unlike wicker made from natural fibers, synthetic wicker furniture is quite weather-resistant. Metal deck furniture is the most durable material for outdoor furniture, and with some care, can last a long time. Treated aluminum also is particularly weather-resistant and makes a great choice for outdoor furniture. Removable cushions, often made with mildew resistant materials, make metal deck furniture more comfortable and can be stored indoors when not in use.

All deck furniture materials have their pros and cons, so think about what you need most from your deck furniture and pick one that will fit your needs. Having a deck in northern Virginia means thinking about getting the most of your deck throughout the year, and you want the deck furniture you have to be as durable and long-lasting as your deck itself!