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Memorial Day Deck Party

Ah, Memorial Day: The official kick-off of the pool season, and often, the outdoor BBQ season. Memorial Day celebrations bring to mind family and friends gathered outside on a home deck or patio grilling and enjoying the sunshine. You need to make sure you are in on that vision!

memorial day deckIf the perfect Memorial Day party is what you envision for your outdoor space, consider making your grill the center focal point of your deck design. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of seating. Perhaps some seating built right into your deck is the way to go.

Distinctive Deck designs can do all of that for you, and more! We know the Virginia deck building codes, and you won’t have to worry about safety with a larger group of people out on your deck. If you decide to go with Trex composite decking, you will have even less things to worry about. Easy maintenance means your deck will need little prepping to get ready for the summer deck/bbq season. You also won’t have to worry about barefoot children playing on the deck and getting splinters – with composite decking, splinters are a thing of the past! What about insect infestation ruining your summer party? Not on a composite deck!

Even if you chose to go the way of a traditional wood deck, your Memorial Day celebration in Virginia will surely be one to remember with a custom-built deck from the team here at Distinctive Deck Designs.

Time for a Deck Replacement?

You love spending time outside on your deck. It is the transition between your home and your backyard, but the maintenance of annual upkeep is getting to you. You would rather be spending that time relaxing on your deck. Now might be the time to start a deck replacement project. With so many styles and materials available nowadays, it will be easy to make a simple update and stay within a budget.

Before-After_DECKDistinctive Deck Designs can help you with your replacement deck project. If low-maintenance is a priority, you’ll want your budget to include an upgrade to a deck made with Trex composite decking material. Composite decking eliminates the need for yearly staining, and won’t warp from temperature change and exposure to moisture over time. Trex decking also erases worry from splinters and insect infestation, making your deck safer for children (and adults!) to play.

Switching out old wooden railing balusters for aluminum or even glass railings can give a feeling of openness, and expose more of a beautiful backyard view. Such a simple change can make a world of difference making your deck and backyard space feel revitalized and new again.

If sticking with a small budget isn’t your concern, think about taking this opportunity of an upgrade in your outdoor lighting as well. Ambient and indirect lighting built right into your deck can create the perfect mood for summer nighttime parties.

If you are feeling a bit bored with your outdoor space, let Distinctive Deck Designs help you figure out the perfect deck upgrade in Northern Virginia.

The Hot Place to be this Summer

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for outdoor parties once again. We have some quick and easy tips to turn your bland deck into a comfortable and stylish space for outdoor entertaining.

summer deck diningMAKE IT POP

Brightly colored table linens, fresh flowers, and paper lanterns can make any outdoor living space more inviting. Try some do-it-yourself flower arrangements. Take some inexpensive store-bought glass bottles and fill them with seasonal wildflowers and herbs. Tie the arrangement together with a bow and you have a simple and casual centerpiece.


Instead of using patio furniture, why not move the dining table outside? Plan a special outdoor dinner for family or friends complete with linens, silverware, and china. To avoid pesky bugs, you can cover your serving dishes with glass domes. Nothing affects the mood quite like your choice of lighting. Try running strings of holiday lights or hanging paper lanterns instead of illuminating the evening with your everyday landscape bulbs.


Another way you can add to the festivities is by serving fruit-filled ice cubes. Just fill an ice cube tray and drop in fresh raspberries, and slices of lemons, limes, and oranges. After they’ve frozen, the colorful cubes are perfect for adding a delicious twist to any glass of water or tea.

dreamstime_s_21109033MAKE DINING FUN

For more casual dining, you can set up a temporary buffet table. Place a thick piece of plywood or hollow-core door evenly over two sawhorses and cover it with a decorative fabric; a fast and easy setup that can be just as quickly dismantled and stored away when the party is over. For an added touch of fun, forgo the coolers and fill large brightly colored vinyl buckets with ice and beverages. Place them at the ends of your buffet and replenish as needed.

Build a Deck Meant for Entertaining!


A deck adds value to your home; a custom-built deck can be an even bigger draw. If you plan to spend time outdoors at your home, a deck built to perfectly suit your needs is a good investment. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home and should be given just as much careful thought when planning.

With such variety in styles and designs these days, the options are endless! The addition of composite decking materials, like Trex, gives even more options than traditional wood decks with the use of color and curved decking! Let your imagination run wild as you dream of your perfect outdoor space.

entertainingdeckinVAA majority of homeowners imagine inviting over their friends and family to enjoy the outdoors, whether they are grilling, star gazing, or having a pool party. If you count yourself as one of these people, it is best to keep this in mind when designing your deck. Make sure to have plenty of space for seating areas. The seating can even be built in! Perhaps you should consider an extra-wide railing top to serve as a place for guests to set their drinks, or a place to set out food. During the summers here in Virginia, the sun can get hot in the heat of the afternoon, so consider having a covered area on your deck. It could be as simple as a patio umbrella, but you can do even more with a gazebo addition or even a pergola to your deck in Virginia. Consider installing outdoor speakers so that your gatherings will always have the right mood music.

The key to a perfect entertaining space is having a focal point, whether it be the pool, the grill, the fire pit, the seating area, or the view!