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Protect Your Home and Increase Your Outdoor Entertaining Space All At The Same Time!

Virginia, like most of the East Coast states, can see some tumultuous summer weather. With the threat of hurricanes, massive thunderstorms and abundance of rain and wind, your yard could be a risk for your home. Here at Distinctive Deck Designs, our work is in Northern Virginia, and we know what each summer potentially brings. We also know how to help you protect your home.

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Miracle Makeovers

I bought my first home and as a single mom I am very particular about how things look, feel, and smell.  Especially because I have a 5 year old running around. Most peoples’ first home is a fixer upper, so I am happy with the home I bought as a first timer, it has potential.

It took me countless hours to make the inside of my new house feel like home.  The next step is to develop the backyard into somewhere I can entertain my friends and family.  There is a fence and a little playground for my son.  I also have a deck that is like the entryway into the house. Right now, the deck is horrible – design, wood, stain etc.  What my deck needs is a makeover!

deckmakeoverI sat down and wrote out the functions that I want from my deck.  I want it to feel open, how can I entertain people with zero room?  I also want it to be functional. If I have things I want to do, the deck needs to be conducive with what I plan.  Of course it needs to be safe, not just for my child but for anyone that visits.

Looking into many different sites I have found a company that handles all of my needs.  I found a local contractor that carries TREX products.  An all-weather, long lasting composite decking that comes in any color I could want plus they can even do curved decking!  I was able to come up with a design that has a lot of seating built into the rails thus keeping the main space open but allows many people to be comfortable.  Plus I have decided to add a hot tub to the deck for the fall nights.  They were able to match a color that I like, and assure me that my little one will never get a splinter, which brings me peace of mind.

I am happy to say that I can finally call the inside and outside of my new house home.  Now if I can just order a makeover for my kid’s temper tantrums I’ll have a perfect life.

Celebrate the Summer Solstice on Your Deck

The summer solstice, also known as midsummer, is the official start of the summer season. It is the day of the year with the longest hours of sunlight. What better way to celebrate the longest day of the year, than with a party outside on your very own custom built deck in Virginia?

YogaonDeckThe long hours of sunlight are the focus of celebrating the summer solstice. Think about honoring the sun with some morning Sun Salutations yoga outside on your deck. You won’t have to worry about splinters on your bare feet with a Trex composite deck!

Many summer Solstice celebrations involve dancing around a maypole. You can easily make one yourself as a centerpiece on your deck for your friends to gather around. Even if no one learns the traditional maypole dance, it at least serves as a great topic for conversation.

When the sun finally does set, light up a traditional summer solstice bonfire in your custom-built fire pit. Gather around and reflect on the year so far, recommitting to resolutions and goals and releasing bad habits.

Even if you decide a large gathering isn’t for you, take your favorite book outside and spend the longest day reading by the light of the Virginia summer sun on your custom-built deck.

How and Why Distinctive Deck Designs Uses Hardscaping in Your Landscape Design

Is concrete too boring? Are you concerned about slippery porch or walkway surfaces? Is your current landscaping missing that extra pizzazz? You have alternatives!

While best-known for our skilled deck handiwork, Distinctive Deck Designs is here to provide complete patio design construction as well. You can rest assured that your existing landscaping features will be accented further with tasteful hardscape designs for your pathways.

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