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Your Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space Maintenance Checklist

shutterstock_126924338With the enjoyable Labor Day festivities right around the corner, perhaps it’s time to evaluate your deck or porch and make repairs as necessary. Do you know what to look for? If not, Distinctive Deck Designs, your outdoor entertainment landscaping expert, has compiled the following handy checklist to assist you.

Spray it Down
Before you look for any faults or areas to improve on, you need to remove dirt and other debris from the surface, which will maximize overall visibility. We recommend power washing for both wooden and composite material decks, but be sure to adjust the pressure for each material to ensure you will not cause damage.

Look for Potential Injuries
Getting onto your hands and knees, look for any splinters, nails or screws that can potentially cause injuries to your children’s feet or your pet’s paws. Furthermore, be thorough and check that every plank is secure. While you are investigating each nail or screw, you can also spot areas with soft or rotting wood. If you find any, you will need to replace these planks altogether, since it could compromise the entire structure. Don’t know how to remove and install new planks? Consult a professional deck contractor to do the job for you!

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