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Make Your Outdoor Living Space Dreams into a Cozy Reality

Firepite installation as part of a Northern Virginia patio construction project‘Tis the season to enjoy the outdoors! With many of the mosquitoes and other pests leaving our state for warmer climates, it is a great time to start entertaining outdoors. Many homeowners are translating some interior kitchen design elements to their outdoor porches and patios. How can you update your outdoor living space to reflect your home’s current design? Distinctive Deck Designs is a leading home exterior design contractor with experience in constructing outdoor fire pits, patio kitchens and outdoor fireplaces! Get inspired with the following porch trends!

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Deck Music is the Way to Go!

So every year I throw seasonal and holiday parties both inside my home and out.  I am not just talking about your usual holidays like Fourth of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. but also holidays like Cinco-de Mayo and Halloween.  I have decided to add a speck of musical entertainment to the mix for my upcoming deck Halloween party by installing an outdoor entertainment system to my deck.  I just have this vision of everyone in their costumes mingling, having drinks and candy, and listening to theme music. Who knows, maybe a thriller dance may break out!  Needless to say, my vision sold me on the idea and I went all out installing the music system to my deck.

speakersLet me tell you, this was not an easy task. For you installation rookies like myself, please feel free to steal some pointers from the instructions below.  Trust me, it’s worth it to read ideas first.

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How to Know if Your Contractor is Reliable

Chances are your local news station or newspaper has featured a piece or two regarding horrible work done by shady contractors. Recently, a Canadian deck collapse has captured the attention of news media throughout North America, while a Virginia contractor was caught scamming homeowners just last year. How can one know whom to trust for home remodels or additions if bad work is so prevalent? The answer is simple – base your decision on the credentials that prove whether a contractor is reliable.

For example, unlicensed contractors did many of those shoddy jobs featured on the news. Hiring an unlicensed contractor to work on your home is the equivalent of a asking a dentist to do your car maintenance. Credibility and ability are everything when it comes to a new build or a renovation. Seasoned and ethical contractors know what it takes to make a structure sound and unlikely to collapse at any given moment.

Here at Distinctive Deck Designs, we follow strict guidelines that involve the homeowner in the entire process with complete explanations, so they know where potential challenges could arise. We also explain our construction credentials, including the fact that we are an authenticated installer of certain products, as well as our business details — including our state license and other pertinent information.

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