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Incorporating Stone in Outdoor Living

three season room on Northern Virginia deckWhile Distinctive Deck Designs’ trademark is deck building services, we are also authorized installers of hardscaping products from Techo-Bloc and EP Henry. Their products are top of the line and perfect for Northern Virginia outdoor living spaces.

Here are some ideas of how you can transform key areas of your outdoor landscape with pavers and stone:
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Dollar Decorate Your Deck for the Holidays

Everyone I know absolutely loves the holidays.  The big thing in my neighborhood, as I am sure it is the same as most neighborhoods, is decorating the house.  It’s a giant competition each year between the homes in my neighborhood.  I love a good competition, but the two problems I have come across this year is what to decorate and how to keep the price down.  So, instead of decking my halls this Christmas I have decided to go for the gold in neighborhood competition and deck my deck with boughs of holly, so to speak.

Holiday_DeckSo like I said the two big issues I came across was what I should decorate to be different and costs.  Because let’s face it….holiday lights and the electric bill are expensive, and everyone decorates the house with things, so what can I do to be different.  That’s why I chose my deck to decorate.  I entertain a lot so it will be great to add my deck to my decoration plan.  I am just envisioning having the fire pit going with the family bundled up with hot chocolate and making s’mores all the while waiting for Santa and his reindeer to fly by.   Once that thought entered my head, I knew I had my idea on how to one up my neighbors.

Okay, so after my choice of where to decorate you may be asking me this, “that’s great man, but how am I supposed to decorate my deck and keep the cost minimal?”  My response: dollar stores.  They have anything from stockings, ornaments, garland, tinsel, etc. …all for a dollar a piece.   Now that’s not saying you can’t do the typical stores and lighting for your deck, but I am choosing to look good and save money.  I already have a deck light off my house with two bulbs, just like any one.  I have picked up a red bulb and a green one – holiday ambience solved!  These two cheap bulbs light up all the decorations I have decided to do at night extremely well.  I have bought garland to line and wrap around each rail and spindle I have.  This works amazing because it reflects the light so well it looks like they are individually lit up.  I also added a different type of décor to every major post….example is stocking, teddy bear, etc…  Also I picked up a couple of dollar wreaths for the entrance to my home and main stepping onto my deck.  Now for the final touch. The dollar store I shop at had 15 count tubes of plastic ornaments for $1!  So I bout 10 of them and told my three kids it was a competition to hang as many ornaments in the garland that you can!  Winner gets to open the first gift Christmas morning.  This completing my decking the deck with boughs of holly for extremely cheap and keeping the looks great.

Mission accomplished! I devised a plan to compete in my neighborhood competition, and I managed to keep the cost on the low end of the budget.  Plus, my kids are happy and my deck looks amazing.  I hope this article will help anyone who is looking for ideas.  If you need me this holiday season look for the burning fire and the smell of graham crackers, melting marshmallows and chocolate and you will find me there, staring up at the sky hoping to catch a glimpse of the big guy and his sleigh.  Happy Holidays and Happy decking

Why Off Season Construction Works for You!

The construction industry continues year-round, and that is especially true for Distinctive Deck Designs. Your Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William County deck builders continue to improve your community’s homes even throughout the off-season, which is typically the winter months when snowfall is the heaviest.

Are you expecting some guests for Christmas? You can make a great impression on them by being able to show off your latest home improvement. If you act now, you can unveil your dream patio, deck or sunroom to your guests in time for the December holidays! Here are some ideas of where you can make the largest impact to your home:

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Is Your Deck Ready For Winter?

snow deckAs the last leaves of fall blow away, and the first chill of winter sets in, the educated homeowner knows that now is the time to prepare your deck for winter. Homeowners with wood decks will need to wash, stain, and seal them – a process that can take several days. As the proud owner of a TREX composite deck, you already have a leg up on your neighbors.


While it’s fine to leave your planters in one spot during the warmer months, wintertime        moisture can cause a great deal of damage to the surface of your deck, leaving behind unsightly rings and boxes. It is recommended that planters are stored indoors, or at the            very least underneath your deck.


Now is the time to wash your vinyl and wood furniture. Be sure to inspect it for damage        and make any necessary repairs before storing it away for the season.


For small amounts of snow, a broom would be the preferred tool of choice. For larger jobs, a plastic shovel is recommended. Be sure to run the shovel lengthwise across the         boards to minimize scratching or cutting into the wood. Never chop or scrape as this can damage the surface of your deck. You can use calcium chloride or rock salt to melt away any ice collected on the surface, but be sure to rinse it off as soon as possible.

The arrival of winter can be challenging, but caring for your TREX deck doesn’t have to be. If you follow the guidelines above you’ll be able to keep your TREX deck as beautiful as the day it was installed.