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Patio and Deck Designs that Make You Want Spring Now!

When you go shopping, have you ever noticed that department stores seem like they are always one season ahead? Perhaps you noticed this at your local hardware store – how they had Christmas decorations ready for purchase before Halloween was even over! What you may not know is that the construction industry thinks the same way! They are always anticipating the next season and meeting the needs for the seasonal changes ahead of time.

Earlier this year at Distinctive Deck Designs, we announced our special pricing for Fall/Winter construction in time for Christmas. With the biggest winter holidays just behind us, right now is a great time to start thinking ahead to unveiling your dream deck, that fabulous patio design or the best covered patio you’ve ever seen for the upcoming spring or summer seasons! You are most likely to use this extended square footage of your home in these peak season months.

3 IMG_2536 - EnhancedbIn case you are not sure what will work best for you, keep reading to get inspired by these ideas!
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Trex’s New Composite Decking Color is Perfect for Northern Virginia Outdoor Living Spaces

TREXMD_012917There is a new Trex composite decking color in town: Havana Gold! This beautiful multi-tone material looks great against natural stone, vinyl siding and even stucco! Trex is a leading composite decking material supplier, and as a Trex Pro Platinum Installer, Distinctive Deck Designs is your one-stop shop for the best in composite decking.

We love working with Trex decking products because we know they are great products for those who want long-lasting, natural looking beautiful deck, porch or patio! The men of your family will love how low-maintenance it is because it does not require frequent sanding, staining or wood repair! Likewise, the women will appreciate its rich tones that are perfect for pairing with iron-wrought or natural wood outdoor living furniture and colorful outdoor cushions!

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