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Creating Porch Privacy

Many new homes in the Northern Virginia area have a wide backyard with few or no fences in between properties. What home builders consider a back patio is literally just an eight-square-foot concrete slab. If installing fencing or an elaborate covered porch is not in your budget, there are options to help create the illusion of privacy for your back patio.

For Uncovered Concrete Slabs

Trellis Privacy - - ShutterstockIf a dream porch is your next investment, you can create temporary privacy until you can afford a more elaborate outdoor space. Continue reading

Maximizing Outdoor Space Potential with Storage Options!

Our Virginia deck contractors have worked with a variety of properties and have found most decks’ underparts also serve as storage space for pool equipment and other seasonal items. Currently, most residents store delicate items such as linens, pillows, lanterns and lighting materials in plastic tubs that may crack over time due to UV ray exposure or the elements. Save yourself the headache, and ask for built-in outdoor living storage in your deck upgrade!

Trex’s outdoor living storage compartments and cabinets blend in with your deck because of their Trex Transcend composite deck finishes and facades! Just think: you now have the option to Continue reading

How Do You Resurface an Existing Deck?

After your first conversation with Mark Shriner, our lead Virginia deck contractor, you may be wondering why we put so much focus on composite materials. As Pro Platinum Installer of TREX products, we have pride in TREX’s quality and durability. Not only is it considered an eco-friendly product, but it is low-maintenance and is not impacted by extreme weather conditions in the same way as wood.

Mark and his team will work with you regarding your cost budget and overall look. If you have an existing deck and decide to upgrade with composite materials, we can simply remove the surface of your current deck and evaluate your existing joists and rectify them as needed, before resurfacing with a composite deck.

Dry Rot - - ShutterstockAs with any construction project, there may be some hidden surprises. Here are areas we look for with your existing joists to make sure they are adequate for new surfacing: Continue reading