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Why Your Fairfax County Home Needs a Sunroom

Do you love natural light? Maybe it’s time you incorporate a sunroom to your Fairfax, VA home.  These rooms can be built right on your existing deck or can be added to your home. Adding more usable square footage to your house often results in higher home value. This increased value can pay off when considering refinancing or selling the property.

Our Northern Virginia deck contractors help residents throughout Fairfax and its nearby cities accomplish their dreams of adding more space to their home for practical use and outdoor living needs. Distinctive Deck Designs by Mark Shriner Contracting builds many sunrooms throughout the Fairfax area. We notice that the uses are different every time. If you need some Northern Virginia outdoor living inspiration, here are some ways you can tailor a sunroom to your needs.

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Composite Vs Wood Decking… Which Is Best?

Traditional Wood Deck Compared to a Composite Wood DeckSo you’ve decided to build a deck for your home. The first question you have to answer before beginning your deck design is whether you’ll use wood or composite decking. When it comes to deck construction is one better than the other? Like so many things it depends on who you ask.

At the end of the day, it seems to come down to personal preference. Even so, there are pros and cons to both, so it’s important to do your due diligence before putting your deck plans into action. In that spirit, Distinctive Deck Designs, Virginia’s leading source of deck, porch and patio construction, invites you to dig a little deeper into the question of wood vs composite decks. Continue reading

How to Choose Complementary Paver Styles

We want to share with you some of the trade secrets of choosing hardscape designs for patio landscaping. Choosing the right patio pavers matter when you are redoing your patio walkway, adding in a stone fire pit, or even building an outdoor fire place. Just ask our hardscape contractors in Northern Virginia! We can help you choose the right paver styles that will complement your current landscape design for your Fairfax area home.

Hardscape Design Techo Bloc Examples - - Complimentary Paver Styles Blog

Let’s first go over the terminology you will encounter when working with our patio contractors for hardscape design.

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