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Where to Put a BBQ to Follow Grill Safety

BBQ Deck Space - virginiadeckdesignsFor national BBQ month, we are celebrating by talking about where to install a BBQ on your backyard patio. For many, a BBQ is a portable cooking element powered by briquettes, flame, and lighter fluid. Some homeowners like the propane gas setup and others want to tap into their home’s natural gas outlets. No matter your cooking fuel preference, there are some safety guidelines to practice with BBQ placement.

BBQ & Open Flame Safety Clearance

Every year, hundreds of houses, garages, and patios catch fire as a result of the improper placement of a grill or smoker. Whenever you plan to use an open flame in your backyard space, you need to put safety first and keep the grill a minimum of Continue reading

Customizing New Homes Design in Northern Virginia

New Build Community - - ShutterstockNew home construction is booming in certain areas of Northern Virginia, like Woodbridge and Aldie. Prospective and new homeowners in these communities love the amenities the homes have to offer, but we know they want to personalize the space and make it their own. As a custom builder of outdoor living spaces in Northern Virginia, we want to encourage you to personalize areas outside of the home to make them truly yours. Get inspired with these ideas for custom home designs!

Creating Seating with Built-in Storage in Patio Spaces

Your patio is a place for gathering for entertaining, holding great conversations and sipping iced tea on a beautiful day. If you have children or plan to have outdoor furniture in your patio space, consider having a patio contractor build bench seats that serve two purposes. Continue reading