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7 Deck Remodels & Upgrades You Should Consider

You love your deck. It’s a great place to watch the birds and enjoy a lazy weekend morning. It has seen its fair share of dinner parties and great conversations. If you have had your deck for more than 10 years, it’s time for a fresh look. Here are some deck remodel ideas or upgrades to give it the TLC it so deserves.

Upgrade 1: Consider the Gray Palate

Trex Gray Tone Flooring with White Posts and Ballusters - Trex FacebookMany modern decks are moving away from the neutral wood tones to a new kind of neutral: gray! Continue reading

Ensuring The Safety Of Your Deck

A deck is the perfect place to enjoy time with family and friends, provided it is safe. Amazingly the number of deck related injuries and even deaths has consistently risen in this decade; deaths and injuries that could and should have been easily avoided. deck safety check from Distinctive Deck DesignsIn fact, the problem is such that the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) is working to increase awareness as to the importance of regular maintenance and inspection of existing decks. As Virginia’s leader in deck design and patio construction, Distinctive Deck Designs is doing their part to get the word out as well. Continue reading

5 Easy Deck or Patio Pest Control Remedies

Northern Virginia is a humid climate, and with it comes many annoying flies and bugs. When you spend time on your deck, patio or porch, you don’t want to worry about being bit by incessant mosquitos or swatting flies away from your iced tea.

Distinctive Deck Designs is a premier builder for luxury decks, patios and porch spaces throughout the area. We know how much of an annoyance these pests are. While we do not offer any patio pest control products or services ourselves, we do know some tried and true methods that can help you out. Continue reading