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Does Your Portico or Porch Design Match Your Personality?

What is the first thing you think when you go to a new friend’s home? Well, obviously you’re curious about how their home décor reflects their personality! Your first impressions answer a bunch of questions. Are they a neat-freak? Is this their favorite color? Do they have kids?

Our porch and deck contractors face this dilemma each time we visit a home for an on-site consultation. Whenever we receive a request for a deck, porch or portico design, we use the consult as a key indicator of the project scope and learn more about the homeowner. With more than 15 years’ experience with outdoor living construction, let’s see if we can peg your personality based on your home’s style. Continue reading

Tips for Choosing a Northern Virginia Deck/Patio Contractor

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The decision to renovate or add on to your deck or patio is a heavy one. It’s not just because of cost; whenever you make an investment to improve your home’s value, whether it’s a renovation to living spaces, kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor areas, there are plenty of planning and approval processes that affect the timeline.  Who you choose as a contractor also matters. Too often, you hear horror stories where the contractor does not follow through with their contractual agreement. Here are some criteria to look for to avoid fraudulent contractors. Continue reading