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Finished Under Deck Conversion with Panels & Canned Lighting

Why You Need to Invest in Under Deck Ceiling Panels & Lighting

Too often in Northern Virginia, raised decks are underutilized. Family gatherings, cookouts and other activities are hosted on the deck itself, while the space underneath the deck is neglected or closed off, limiting all the potential of the home. Convert the area under a second-story deck into a dry, spacious patio and get the most out of your outdoor space. Open up this space to be used as an outdoor breakfast nook, porch or cozy reading area, so you can enjoy even more of your yard.

However, converting the space under a deck into a patio does take some planning and extra effort. Continue reading

8 Questions You Need to Ask Before Screening-in Your Patio

Screened in Gazebo or Porch Space on Upper DeckScreening in your porch for shade and pest control is one of the best decisions you can make for your outdoor living spaces. This is a popular choice for those with outdoor allergies who want to control airborne irritants while still having an outdoor entertaining space. It’s also great for hosting gatherings on breezy summer nights but without the invasion of unwanted pests. If you are considering installing screening for your Northern Virginia porch, be sure to ask your contractor these key questions first.

Is the screen weather resistant for all seasons?

It’s important to choose screening that is built for outdoor uses in extreme heat and cold because if it is poor quality, it can compromise Continue reading