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5 Ways to Personalize Your Northern Virginia Home

Integrate One or More of These Outdoor Living Construction Features to Make Your Home Unique

Buying a home in the Northern Virginia area is an exciting process! Most homes in new developments are subject to strict HOA regulations, which can cause every structure to look the same. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to add personality to the house. Here are some outdoor living options you can DIY or ask a local contractor to build for you. This will help customize your home to make it your very own retreat that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Continue reading

4 Backyard Features to Create a Privacy for a Covered Patio or Deck

Trellis as a backyard features for privacy and shadePrivacy is important for many homeowners. Most homes in Northern Virginia suffer from a lack of privacy. It’s great to get to know your neighbors, but most people don’t want to share constant updates over the backyard fence. Here are some temporary privacy solutions with backyard features to keep your reading time, conversations or evening gatherings more inconspicuous. Continue reading