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Create Function in Your Backyard Landscape Design in Fairfax

complete backyard design by Northern Virginia landscape contractors

Landscape design is truly an art that can be both visually stimulating and cost-effective for your Fairfax-area home. Planting a certain tree or tall bush near a front or back window can provide shade for a room and help keep utility costs down during the summer. Whatever the purpose for your backyard design, our award-winning, deck contractors in the Fairfax area give you tips on how to create the best function in your outdoor space. Try these ideas!

Create a functional backyard design

We all want a backyard that looks nice, but often we forget about the various ways a proper landscape design can bring a great deal of function to our home. For example, a great way to beautify your yard and create a natural fence is to Continue reading

An Inside Look at the Landscape Design Process for Decks, Patios

landscape design contractor starts laying brick pavers in patioHave you ever wondered what it’s like inside the mind of a designer? Landscape design is like any other design process; it starts with a vision and is then executed to best serve the customer or audience. Transforming your backyard doesn’t have to be a hectic process, and with the right certified landscape contractor with a clear vision, the end result is breathtaking.

Get an inside look at the landscape design process from the eyes of our Fairfax-area contractors who are experienced in bringing backyards from bare to beautiful!

Inside the mind of a landscape design contractor

An experienced landscape contractor will take your vision and apply that vision to the backyard features you want to change, emphasize or replace altogether at your Fairfax home. During an on-site or in-person consultation, the contractor will Continue reading