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7 Trends for Northern Virginia Patio Building

Techo-Bloc Para patio building slabsCreating a backyard retreat is a combination of skill, expertise, and materials. Distinctive Deck Designs’ contractors proudly use Techo-Bloc materials for Northern Virginia patio building.  In fact, the new Techo-Bloc design guide is out, and it is full of patio inspirations. We could spend hours thumbing through the beautiful designs featuring Techo-Bloc’s timeless products. Let us summarize our new offerings so you can begin thinking about your next patio upgrade. Here are seven trends to try when building patios: Continue reading

5 Different Details to Include in Portico Porch Designs

No matter where you live in Northern Virginia, a quick way to add character to your home is to include a portico porch. A portico-style porch adds depth to your front façade for a beautiful addition to your curb appeal. It also serves as a shade structure and protection from the elements right outside your front door.

Our portico builders have worked with many homeowners over the past 37 years. We can build all types of porches using a variety of techniques, including custom millwork and outdoor lighting elements. Here are five unique details you can add to your portico porch design to make a beautiful façade. Continue reading