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4 Reasons to have a Covered Patio or Pavilion in Fairfax, VA

Backyard pavilion on deck in Fairfax, VAHomeowners in Fairfax and Northern Virginia are often surprised to learn about some of the easy ways they can upgrade their existing homes for unbeatable resale values. While in-home amenities are beautiful, the true value is in outdoor living spaces. These areas add actual square footage to the home’s living space and can be customized to meet every need.

When we work with local homeowners, many say they want to add a deck, upgrade their backyard patios with pavers, or add an outdoor kitchen or fire element. These are all great ideas that can improve the usability of any space. Many backyard improvement projects, however, overlook covered patio designs and outdoor pavilions. These versatile spaces are a favorite for the master contractors at Distinctive Deck Designs. We want to share the top four reasons why these should be included in your next backyard project. Continue reading

4 Ways to Expand Outdoor Living in Prince William County

Older Home Style in Prince William Country When you own a more established home, like many of those in Prince William County, tackling an interior renovation project can be costly. There is an easier solution that will still add value and square footage to your home: outdoor living spaces. By adding or expanding your outdoor spaces, construction is more affordable, creates space you can use all year long, and best of all, improves property values.

Located in Northern Virginia, Distinctive Deck Designs is very familiar with homes in Prince William County as well as city laws for outdoor construction. We have four unique ways to expand your outdoor living spaces for older homes in Virginia. Continue reading