Spring Into Your Deck

As we are getting close to the end of the winter season all I can think about is getting back outside.  I’ll just be upfront and tell you, I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE! I especially love to entertain on my deck.  So with that being said it’s about that time to open the deck for business.

Since I live in Clifton, Virginia and the weather is always changing, I decided to go with the Trex composite decking for my material.  It’s amazing, on my old deck it seemed like every year I had to break out the power washer and re-stain my deck before I could even think about getting it ready for spring time and visitors.

Now, I’ll admit that it was a tough choice to go away from the traditional wood but it was, and continues to be, totally worth it.  First of all, it was amazing all the different designs that I had to choose from.  My Trex Pro can basically build anything for me, they even do curved styles – yes I said curved!  Not to mention, I was able to choose a color that looked amazing against my home’s siding.

But that’s neither here nor there.  I am talking about getting ready for spring.  I honestly can’t believe that it was so simple, I mean living in northern Virginia we get a ton of rain and snow through the fall and winter.  With the old deck it was such a pain to clean, but with Trex it was just an easy hose job.  After cleaning the deck off, I was able to place my furniture any way I wanted to on the deck.  Since Trex is virtually scratch free I can mix and match and change things often without hurting my deck.

After all that, it was just a matter of placing the fire pit, stringing up the rope lights and letting my wife put plants wherever she wanted and the Trex deck is ready for Spring and entertaining.  I can’t wait until the first get together!