The Hot Place to be this Summer

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for outdoor parties once again. We have some quick and easy tips to turn your bland deck into a comfortable and stylish space for outdoor entertaining.

summer deck diningMAKE IT POP

Brightly colored table linens, fresh flowers, and paper lanterns can make any outdoor living space more inviting. Try some do-it-yourself flower arrangements. Take some inexpensive store-bought glass bottles and fill them with seasonal wildflowers and herbs. Tie the arrangement together with a bow and you have a simple and casual centerpiece.


Instead of using patio furniture, why not move the dining table outside? Plan a special outdoor dinner for family or friends complete with linens, silverware, and china. To avoid pesky bugs, you can cover your serving dishes with glass domes. Nothing affects the mood quite like your choice of lighting. Try running strings of holiday lights or hanging paper lanterns instead of illuminating the evening with your everyday landscape bulbs.


Another way you can add to the festivities is by serving fruit-filled ice cubes. Just fill an ice cube tray and drop in fresh raspberries, and slices of lemons, limes, and oranges. After they’ve frozen, the colorful cubes are perfect for adding a delicious twist to any glass of water or tea.

dreamstime_s_21109033MAKE DINING FUN

For more casual dining, you can set up a temporary buffet table. Place a thick piece of plywood or hollow-core door evenly over two sawhorses and cover it with a decorative fabric; a fast and easy setup that can be just as quickly dismantled and stored away when the party is over. For an added touch of fun, forgo the coolers and fill large brightly colored vinyl buckets with ice and beverages. Place them at the ends of your buffet and replenish as needed.