The inside of a sunroom with a table and chairs and a sky light.

Why Sunrooms are Perfect for Every Season

Nothing adds value to a home like a sunroom. Natural light and nature are brought in, space is added, and family quality time seems to follow. Designed for year-round living, our sunrooms provide the perfect place to host dinners, parties, or small family gatherings, no matter the weather. In the darker months, it’s hard to keep an air of cheeriness in your home. Get your daily dose of vitamin D without the windchill by installing a sunroom in your Fairfax home!


The key to creating an all-seasons sunroom in Virginia is being able to control the temperature. Installing a ceiling fan can help circulate cold or warm air. For the colder months, including a fireplace, or built-in heater in your design will help keep the area nice and toasty.


Making the space livable is the best way to get the most use out of your sunroom. The area should be able to accommodate a seating arrangement, a dining area and perhaps some desk space. Allowing your sunroom to be multi-purpose will assure that you and your family are spending as much time as possible in the space, throughout the year. The sunlight streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling makes the space livable in itself. Being able to enjoy a bright room in the winter is a great way to keep your house light and airy.


Decorating your sunroom will make it personal to you but make sure to avoid over-doing the accessories as it will distract from the elements of nature in your space. Embrace the outdoors and create a decor theme that is harmonious with the environment. Keeping it simple is a beautiful way to highlight the greenery visible from your sunroom.


In a room with floor-to-ceiling windows, having an element of privacy is essential. Installing curtains or shades will help to close off your space. This also helps to make your sunroom livable year-round. If the sun streaming in is too harsh, simply drawing a curtain will the make the space instantly easier to spend time in. 

Distinctive Deck Designs offers other, beautiful living areas for your Virginia home. Gazebos are an elegant way to keep the elements out and enjoy time on your deck. We use only the best materials to create your outdoor living area and our design team will keep you informed and involved in every stage for a hassle-free, expert installation.

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