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A multi-level outdoor deck.

New Years Resolution: Give your Deck a Makeover

The start of a new year means you have the opportunity to start fresh in all aspects of your life. Why not take advantage of new beginnings and create the deck of your dreams for 2020 with Distinctive Deck Designs! Having a functional and beautiful patio area is essential for Fairfax homeowners. Virginia has such stunning greenery and views to enjoy with your friends and family on your deck. Read on to learn about all the customizable features we can incorporate into your design to truly transform your outdoor space.

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How to Start a Deck Remodel in Northern Virginia

Replacing old wood on deck with composite deck materialsWooden decks are classics and set the tone for the decking industry, but they come at a cost. Natural wood absorbs water and is prone to shrinking and warping with continued exposure to the elements. It also stains and requires refinishing at least every few years, sometimes sooner. If you’re tired of the splinters and the work to maintain your outdoor living space, it’s time for a deck remodel.

Distinctive Deck Designs has two decades of deck building experience in Northern Virginia. Our master carpenters love how clean and low-maintenance composite decking is compared to its counterpart, traditional wood. Because we can work with existing deck designs, this helps keep the costs of a deck remodel low. The only complication that may add to the expenses is if the footings need to be re-poured for safety. Continue reading