4th of July Home Safety Tips

Friends gathered around table to celebrate the 4th of July in Fairfax, VAThe 4th of July is the perfect holiday to bring friends and family together to connect for a day of summer fun. Between grilling your favorite barbecue food and watching fireworks, it’s a nostalgic holiday that brings back the happiest moments for a lot of people. In Fairfax, your composite decking can provide entertainment for almost every summer activity; however, there are some precautions to take during this unique holiday. To protect your home and family, Northern Virginia homeowners should practice these Independence Day safety tips.

Firework Safety

It’s hard to imagine the 4th of July without immediately thinking of fireworks. The two go hand-in-hand. If you choose to partake in the lighting of your own fireworks or firecrackers at home this summer, you should take the necessary safety measures to protect your home from accidents and damages. In Fairfax County, any firework that explodes or presents flames or sparks higher than 12 feet is prohibited by the Fairfax County Fire Prevention Code. This means that extreme fireworks are banned, but even the small ones can cause irreversible damage.

At Distinctive Deck Designs, we use high quality and durable composite decking to construct custom decks for local homeowners like you. Many people assume that because it is an alternative to real wood that it is less flammable than wood.  This belief is untrue. One of the industry’s leading brand, Trex, has addressed the flammability of their products stating: “Our decking lines retain a Class B fire rating; however, they are not fireproof.” For this and other reasons, homeowners should refrain from lighting fireworks on or near their deck.

Follow these fireworks tips to keep loved ones and your home safe during holiday festivities:

  • If you are lighting small firecrackers or sparklers, do so on a flat surface, like a stone patio or cement driveway that is as far away from your home as possible.
  • Be sure the area is clear of people, pets, and flammable materials.
  • Never re-light fireworks that malfunctioned.
  • Have a bucket of water handy to soak used firecrackers or duds.

Grilling Safety

Another essential part of the 4th of July is the great food! Barbecuing burgers and hotdogs is important but should be done correctly for a safe and happy holiday. Grilling on your composite deck is okay if there is plenty of open, fresh air around. You should never grill indoors or in the garage. Only grill under a covered patio or deck if the ceiling is at least ten feet or higher to protect the structure from heat-related issues. Before the festivities begin, check your grill hose for any cracks, holes, or leaks. These issues can cause your grill to malfunction. A good rule of thumb to practice is placing your grill at least two feet away from your house, trees, bushes, and outdoor furniture. Finally, declare the grilling station a kid and pet-free zone to prevent any accidents while cooking and as the grill cools down.

This 4th of July should be fun-filled and safe. By following our tips, you can ensure your Fairfax home’s composite decking sees no damage. To learn more about deck and patio construction, or to request a free consultation, contact us today!