4 Benefits of Installing a Custom Covered Patio

Custom covered patio design by a pool in Northern Virginia

Don’t let the scorching summer sun get in the way of relaxing in your outdoor living space. A covered patio creates a temperature-regulated and stylish way to enjoy the great outdoors. A cover can protect you from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays as well as increase the lifespan of your patio furniture. We offer multiple structure options that bring homeowners many benefits.

Types of Covered Patios

A custom designed patio shade structure helps your outdoor space stand out and allows your family to use it for a longer period of the year. At Distinctive Deck Designs, we specialize in constructing multiple styles of patio covers that create shade and protect you from the sun. Trust us to build the perfect shade solution with the following outdoor features:

  • Gazebos and cabanas are a type of built-in structure that we design and install to match your home’s existing style. These options are open on all four sides, but you can install curtains for added privacy while enjoying your space.
  • Screened in porches and patios offer more protection from mild elements and insects by adding screens around your outdoor living space. We can install this option as an extension of your home or as a free-standing structure.
  • Three season rooms allow Northern Virginian families the most outdoor protection while still being able to enjoy your yard. This built-in structure is attached to your home and is enclosed by glass windows. You and your family can enjoy this space for most of the year, rain or shine. Out of the covered patio structures, sunrooms offer homeowners the most outdoor time. Read our blog post to learn more about three season rooms.

We can also create under-deck ceilings that create a functional space below your deck. These types of conversions still protect you and your family from the elements, so you can use the space that was once wasted.

Protection from the Sun

A custom patio can be the perfect place to relax after a long workday or during the weekends. However, during the summer it can be uncomfortable to sit on an open-air patio basking in the hot sun. It can also be extremely damaging to certain types of patio furniture. Wicker chairs may start to crack, and bright cushions and rugs will begin to have noticeable color fading. Installing a cover can prolong the life of your outdoor furniture and fabrics for years to come. You can protect your furniture, outdoor kitchen appliances, and all patio materials with a custom-built covered patio design.

Create Comfortable Shade

Not only does your patio furniture need shade, so does your body. A cover over your patio effectively protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays so you can comfortably sit on your patio, even in the middle of July. Adding a type of cover structure creates the perfect amount of shade for your space as well. Lower the temperature on your patio with a gazebo, cabana, or awning. Pavers get hot in summer, which means you can’t enjoy the outdoors without protective footwear. A cover can keep the surface temperature down, so you can enjoy the great outdoors freely and more often.

Add Value to Your Home

A custom patio cover is functional, but it’s also a beautiful accent piece to your home and yard. The team at Distinctive Deck Designs matches your home’s existing style to create an outdoor living space that feels like a direct extension of your home. This adds a level of sophistication to your outdoor space that helps your patio stand out from the rest in the neighborhood.

Don’t let another gorgeous summer day waste away because it’s “too hot” or “too sunny” to use your outdoor living space. A covered patio gives you and your family more freedom to use this space and enjoy countless outdoor activities. Start your project by requesting a free on-site consultation. Contact us online today.