Why Choose a Composite Deck over PVC Materials

If you are considering building a deck for your Fairfax home, take the time to research Northern Virginia deck contractors. Not every licensed contractor is the same. There are clear differences in construction quality, material selection and functionality of outdoor living spaces.

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When you make the choice to go with Mark Shriner Contracting, or Distinctive Deck Designs, you get high-quality and low-maintenance decks. We understand that cheaper installation prices draw a lot of homeowners initially to natural wooden decks. However, the cost of maintaining such decks far outweighs the cost of installing a durable low-maintenance product such as TREX Transcend® or TREX Select®. Here is a full comparison of natural wood decks and composite wood decks in deck construction.

Which Holds the Best Resale Value?

Sometimes it is harder to see the return on investment if you are not planning on selling your home in the near future. Recent statistics show that Fairfax residents can recoup up to 72 percent of the cost of composite decks built in 2015 and earlier (Remodeling Magazine). This addition is a valuable asset that you can enjoy while you live in the home and then see the return on investment when you sell.  It also extends your home’s overall size by adding actual square footage.

Composition Matters

The next big question we get asked is why we use TREX® materials. While their high quality is the first thought that comes to mind, the integrity of their product is a close second. The inner layer of their wood-plastic composite decks I made up of more than 95 percent recycled sawdust particles and plastic pieces. The outer layer comprises five percent new plastic synthetics and is coated with a shell that resists environmental fading and color disorientation over time. They back all green composite materials with a 25-year warranty against color fading and stain prevention.

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In comparison, PVC deck materials are in no way recycled. PVC products are made with “virgin” plastic – plastic made with polyvinyl chloride and additives. The integrity of PVC materials disintegrates over time as they weaken from exposure to the elements and differences in temperature. As time elapses, PVC loses its strength and becomes more brittle, potentially causing planks to break. PVC decks just cannot hold up to heavy use.

Oxidation as a Staining Problem

Oxidation causes a lot of problems for PVC decks. Moist air and frequent sun exposure cause metals and plastics to develop a cloudy film that is difficult or impossible to remove. In contrast, the hard shell exterior of TREX® deck materials is specially formulated to fight stains and color fading from oxidation and element exposure.

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Our Northern Virginia Deck Builders endorse TREX® products for their integrity, value and product protection guarantees. We install TREX® decks all throughout Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William Counties. If you are looking for a licensed quality patio contractor in Northern Virginia, call Distinctive Deck Designs today. Our deck builders are highly recommended throughout Northern Virginia, and you always get a free consultation.