How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space in Winter

Outdoor covered patio with stone fireplace and furniture.

There may even be snow on the ground, but with a covered deck design, your outdoor living space is no longer completely off limits for winter! This is especially true if you utilize top-quality composite decking like we do here at Distinctive Deck Designs. Read on for our suggestions about how to make use of your outdoor living space during the colder seasons. This is an investment that you want to be able to get use out of and most importantly have for your family and friends to enjoy all year long.

Install a Patio Cover, Gazebo or Cabana

Gazebos, cabanas and patio covers are among our most popular products, and for good reason! Lots of people think about the many benefits that a covered deck and patio design provides in the summer (such as shade or protection from insects). Few people know that there are many benefits for fall and winter as well. Screened gazebos, porches and other covered deck designs offer protection from the rain and snow. A wind screen can also block some of those harsh winter winds that may have otherwise kept you inside. Peacefully watch the snow fall outside while you are dry and warm under your covered outdoor space.

Incorporate an Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

Winter is the perfect time to get cozy around a custom-builtfire pit or fireplace. If you can imagine it, then our team can most likely build it. A  wood-burning fireplace will add an element of rustic charm to your patio. At Distinctive Deck Designs, we pride ourselves on working with a wide variety of materials to create the aesthetic you desire.

Choose from a wide selection of materials for your fire pit or fireplace, including:

  • Cement
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Prefab Paver 

While we want your installation to be beautiful, we always build according to all city codes and building ordinances with most stringentsafety standards in mind.  Professionalinstallation with strict quality control is a must for every fire pit andoutdoor fireplace we build. Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Eachfire pit installation from Distinctive Deck Designs can also be incorporatedinto a wide variety of pre-existing decks and patios to create a seamlessdesign you will be sure to enjoy.

If you are going to be enjoying your covered deck or patio with your outdoor fireplace, you may want to complete the space with some custom elements. Distinctive Deck Designs also specializes in creative and environmentally-sustainable outdoor lighting. There are also several plants you could consider that can with stand the harsh Virginia winters. Consider options that can thrive in full or partial sun and can be kept in decorative pots, such as Japanese Yew (a typeof ever green shrub) or winter gem boxwood.

We look forward to making your outdoor living space a placeyou can relax and enjoy during every season. Contact us todayfor your free design consultation!