Why A Screened Porch Will Benefit Your Overall Experience

Do you want to enjoy the luxury of being outside without having to deal with bugs, rain and snow? Distinctive Deck Designs is committed to designing and building finished porch designs in northern Virginia. Our team brings a wealth of experience in the design and installation of screened in porch designs to help you design your dream outdoor living space. Bring your indoors outdoors when you choose to install a screened in porch in your home!

Buzz off Bugs!

No more sharing your dinner with insects anymore. Protect your porch from all intruders and be able to enjoy the fresh northern Virginia air. Nobody likes sharing food. Besides, who wants to have insects and theirfriends at the table during dinner?

A screened porch eliminates the process of having to putbug spray on everyone or burn strong smelling candles. This makes it easy to feel as if you are outside, enjoying nature, even though you are really inside within the protection of your screened porch.

Rain, Rain Go Away

People love to hear the beautiful and soothing sounds of rainfall but actually getting wet is a different story. A screened porch allowsyou to enjoy the luxury of outdoor weather with complete protection from theelements. What is better than enjoying family time outside listening to therain and not have to worry about get soaked?

Anytime it is about to rain, it is a scramble to get out and bring in the cushions or outdoor furniture to prevent it from getting soaked. Screened porches prevent you from having to deal with this hassle.

Get Creative  

Screened-in porches opens the door for northern Virginians to be as creative as they want with the design. It is unlike anyother room in your home, there are no exact rules or themes you have to stickto. There are many styles and themes you can use on a porch. Fortunately, thedécor and furniture are cheap and easy to get creative with.

We offer many different styles and screened porch designs in addition to custom options created exactly to suit your preferences. Thepatio or screened porch you’ve always desired is well within your reach and wewould love to make that upgrade to your home. Contact ustoday to schedule a consultation on designing your dream screen porch.