Enjoy Your Deck During April Showers

As spring nears, I can only sit and dream about getting outside and enjoying my deck during the nice weather.  The funny thing is I get sad when I can’t use my deck during the bad weather.  I mean my Trex Deck Pro did such an amazing job building the deck of my dreams, all I want to do is be on it every time the temperature allows me to.

aprilshowersThen it hit me, like a lightning bolt (no pun intended).  I should just put a roof over part of my deck, that way when it rains I can still enjoy being outside!  Well, my first question was if my Trex composite decking would be strong enough to hold a roof.  My Trex Pro assured me that it would hold a roof and then some.  So the next step for me was to choose a design.  There were a lot more styles than I thought there would be, so I picked one that would give me the most options as far as amenities I could add under the roof.

So, my Trex Pro and I decided on a plan and budget, and surprisingly we finished in record time.  So my next step was to decorate my shaded area appropriately.  Naturally, I went out, bought some super comfortable stylish deck furniture, and placed it under the roof.  The next step was contacting my cable provider to run another hook up to the roof, that’s right -FLAT SCREEN OUTSIDE BABY!  You can’t expect me to have this kind of set-up without entertainment can you?

Of course, I ran new speakers for outdoor tunes as well hanging under the roof, so my new covered area of my deck is now complete.  So come on Mother Nature, bring on those April Showers. I am ready!