Designing Your Northern Virginia Deck

Raised decks are great for families with little ones and pets because there's less risk of fall injuries.Having deck space at your home means more opportunities for entertaining others and enjoying the great outdoors and scenery we have here in Northern Virginia. We recently covered how many new buyers, primarily Millennials, place high value in outdoor entertaining areas, and deck designs remain a major selling point, particularly within our state.

Outdoor entertaining can just be watching your kids play, cooking and dining in patio/deck spaces, and even hosting parties that flow into your outdoor spaces. No matter what your entertaining need, if outdoor areas are where you want your guests to congregate, then you need to consider which type of outdoor living construction you desire.

Whenever our deck contractors assist Northern Virginia homeowners in designing a deck, we always ask how much sun exposure they want for their space. This can easily make a difference as to where the deck is placed on their home and could even mean extending the space beyond just one face of the house for maximum enjoyment through the seasons. Be aware that southern-facing decks will see the most sun throughout the year. Plant and tree life can provide adequate shade; however the placement of the shade will vary season to season.

When designing a deck for your Northern Virginia home, make sure there is a complementary visual transition from your home’s interior to your yard space. When there is a balance both in construction materials as well as outdoor living furnishings, you will see a complementary cohesion into the added exterior square footage of your home.

Take a look at the five different types of decks your home could benefit from:


Platform Decks – This is where a deck is low to the ground (typically a foot off the ground) and acts as a patio space. This is ideal for parents of young children because there’s less risk of injury from falling or trying to get through any railings because these types of decks do not typically have railings.


When you hire Distinctive Deck Designs, we help you decide all the options necessary to expand your outdoor living space with deck styles including this cantilever raised deck design.Raised Decks – This type of deck construction is most common throughout Northern Virginia. With sloped landscapes the norm for our area, raised decks can give you a level space and great views of your neighborhood.


Cantilever Raised Decks – This is a type of construction similar to raised decks, but in contrast, the deck posts are not along the perimeter of the deck. Instead they are set back anywhere between one to three feet from the perimeter line for a slightly hidden sight line. This type of deck construction is more complex for both aesthetics and deck safety, so you can expect it to be costlier than a traditional raised deck design.


Wrap-around decks add southern charm to any Northern Virginia home.Wraparound Deck Design – For homeowners that want sun exposure on their decks as well as multiple entry points to the outdoor living space, a wraparound design can offer just that, adding Southern charm to any Northern Virginia home. The most beautiful applications include cut outs surrounding any mature trees.


Multi-Level Decks – Not only does this deck design allow you several entry points to the deck, but it is great for second and even third story homes. Views are aplenty with this type of deck, and our deck contractors will be sure to implement safety elements such as handrails and security gates and leave less room between railings for families with young children and pets. Ask to install elements such as lattice panels, trellises or even covered deck areas if you are concerned about privacy.


Your Northern Virginia deck design will be an extension of both you and your home’s personality. Our experienced deck contractors will implement cohesion to your home’s exterior by helping you choose products and colors ideal for a seamless look. We also work with HOA community requirements!

Choose Distinctive Deck Designs of Northern Virginia for an award-winning deck construction. Our contractors have been delivering safe decks to homeowners throughout the Fairfax community for more than 20 years. We have several open appointments for FREE on-site consultations and quotes for fall and winter deck construction. Click to fill out our contact form, or give us a call today: 703.263.9634!