Protect Your Home and Increase Your Outdoor Entertaining Space All At The Same Time!

Virginia, like most of the East Coast states, can see some tumultuous summer weather. With the threat of hurricanes, massive thunderstorms and abundance of rain and wind, your yard could be a risk for your home. Here at Distinctive Deck Designs, our work is in Northern Virginia, and we know what each summer potentially brings. We also know how to help you protect your home.

How Does a Deck Contracting Company Protect My Home?
retainingwalls2bOne of the services our company offers is retaining walls. What are retaining walls you ask? In properties with sloped yards, retaining walls are usually a brick, stacked stone or stucco wall that breaks up the tiered property or helps prevent water, soil and other material from running down the slope towards the property. In many applications it serves as a decorative piece to the lawn and helps break up the vegetation and plants.

What Could Happen If I Do Not Install a Retaining Wall?
A few months ago, we discussed retaining walls in our blog. In this article we explained the history of retaining walls and their main purpose as well as secondary purposes. As aforementioned, retaining walls can help homeowners save major money in storm aftermath cleanup because mudslides and other runoff, if not contained, can seem towards and into the property, causing extensive damage.

Do not confuse a retaining wall from a weeping wall. Weeping walls are measures done to protect the home from moisture seeping in at and below ground level. Retaining walls, however, are further away from the property, so it contains the natural land and other elements in that area. Since these are built up higher than the property line, it helps prevent flooding at ground level.

How Can a Retaining Wall Tie Into My Existing Design Aesthetic?
deer  10.8.13 357bThe Distinctive Deck Designs team is experienced in using the current landscaping design to add new elements. One of the ways we can help match products for you is to buy the materials locally. We can also recommend pieces that compliment your current design. No matter how and why you need the retaining wall, our team is here to listen to you and use our years of applicable experience for your benefit.

What Other Benefits Can a Retaining Wall Offer Me?
Retaining walls also provide you more usable lawn space. If the grade drops off and slopes away from the home, a wall will allow our contractors to expand the level sections of your lawn, providing more space for you to enjoy. A great way to utilize that space is to transform it into a patio, one that is perfect for outdoor entertaining! Many also use the retaining wall space as a garden expansion.

If you are concerned about runoff or mudslides for your home or business, call Distinctive Deck Designs for your free consultation at 1.703.263.9634! We will provide you with the scope of work, the benefits and a design plan with an estimated price quote to approve.